12,000 Youths Handed the Keys to Greatness at the 'Youth Conference Lagos'

Thousands of youths from over 88 nations handed the keys to greatness at 'Youth Conference Lagos'.

It was a night of testimonies and great manifestations of the Spirit when over 12,000 young people convened at the UNILAG Sports Complex for the 'Youth Conference Lagos' with the esteemed Campus Ministry Director, Pastor Freedom-Wealth Eriya. More than 210,000 people participated in the blessings via LIVE stream from 88 nations.

Drone view of attendees at the UNILAG Sports Complex.

Pastor Freedom insightful teaching stirred the heart of the congregants, expounding on '4 Keys to Greatness' — vision, courage, determination and power. Reading from Genesis 12:1, he shed light on the role of the Spirit in the demonstration of these four keys and the need for everyone present to have the Holy Spirit in their lives, compelling over 1,400 youths to receive salvation.

The crowd enjoying an extraordinary time during the conference.

As the Campus Ministry Director began to pray for the sick, deafness, stomach aches and blindness disappeared and many came forward to testify. Words of prophecy were released upon every attendee and upon our nation. In the euphoria of God’s presence, LMAM artistes, Frank Edwards, Eben, Ada, Jahdiel, TB1, UR Flames and the Campus Ministry mass choir lit up the arena.

Over 1,400 new souls welcomed into Christ.

New converts received personal copies of the Rhapsody Bible, ‘Now That You Are Born Again’ and the Rhapsody of Realities. It was a life-changing and impactful meeting, one that has shaped and changed the destinies of the thousands of young people, now and forever.

The Campus Ministry Director ministers to a testifier.

Experience highlights in the picture gallery below and the short video featured. Remember to like, share and post comments below.

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Pastor Siphe 10 months
Pastor you changed my life Sir. The message revolutionalized my love #CMD
saint barbara 10 months
Thank you Pastor Sir
144407796357 tempavatar 724738437
Digitally Militant Lyon Mukurunge 10 months
Jesus the same yesterday , today and forever
Pastor Alfred Goletlanwe 10 months
Glorrryyyyy!!! What a time of fellowship!!!
Mary Kuwornu 10 months
Praise The Lord Truly it is our year of
mbowohjunior 10 months
This is significant attainment
148632361023 tempavatar 1373755515
Thulisile Nyambose 10 months
wow praise God
146029475294 tempavatar1593510958
FRANCIS JOHN 10 months
boy, just awesome. thank God i didn't missed it...
149744197466 tempavatar 615982764
KarlaGod 10 months
149744197466 tempavatar 615982764
Karla Obakpolor 10 months
Glory 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 KarlaGod #blwzoneh
osime fidelis 10 months
yes...Christ must rule and regin in the lives of the youths.
osime fidelis 10 months