1,500 Impacted at Mzuzu as Pastor Sammy Teaches, Demonstrates Dominion of Christ

Cancer, asthma, all manner of diseases, healed as Pastor Sammy teaches and demonstrates dominion of Christ.

The Group Pastor of Christ Embassy Malawi North, Pastor Sammy, led a congregation of 1,500 people into an arena of God's manifest presence, demonstrating the character of the Spirit at ‘Healing from Heaven’ in the northern city of Mzuzu. The meeting hall for the event, which held on Sunday, April 29th, was unable to take the number of people that journeyed to worship in an atmosphere for miracles.

View of the crowd in the auditorium, eager to experience the power of God.

As Pastor Sammy entered the charged up arena, he declared, "as we worship, miracles will happen!” True to his words, the power of God was present to heal all types of diseases as the people lifted their voices in worship. Through words of knowledge, even before he shared the word, the blind saw, pregnancy complications were corrected, terrible ulcers and body pains disappeared!

Pastor Sammy ministers to testifies with the laying of hands.

In an atmosphere so saturated with the tangible presence of God, Pastor Sammy taught on the dominion of Christ. "There is no darkness in Christ. There is no impurity in him. The reason people get sick and poor is corruption," Pastor Sammy said to the congregation. He went on to ask, "How could a man carry God and fail and cry in sickness, disease or poverty?" Reading 1 Peter 1:23, he challenged the people to endorse the reality of their blessedness in Christ.

The Group Pastor teaches God's Word with power.

More testimonies of healing were recorded after the message as the demonstration of the Spirit continued. Cancer, asthma, lameness, body pains, eye problems and more were healed, with not enough time to take all the testimonies. 82 souls also received salvation at the altar call, though many more had received salvation during the evangelism that preceded this program. What a glorious way to conclude ‘the Month of Influence’.

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Br Munya-Increase Ranga 8 months
Glory to God, the army is rising Glooooooray!!!!
Davidson 9 months
Dumisani Moyo 9 months
Malawi will never be the same!
Monica Nyondo Mzuzu 9 months
Abegunde Sunday 9 months
Abegunde Sunday 9 months
Praise God
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Vimbai Mark 9 months
Glory to God. Thank you Lord
Ella Nyirenda 9 months
Geshtakabaya!!!! We were literary standing on Holy ground at this meeting Dear JESUS nothing like it on this side of heaven