“2018 is the Year of the Supernatural!” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome [VIDEO]

Watch (again) as Pastor Chris announces prophetic utterance for 2018 — ‘the Year of the Supernatural’!

"You’re going to see the unexpected; you’re about to see the unimaginable," the man of God, Pastor Chris, announced as he qualified the message of the Holy Spirit to His church for 2018, 'the Year of the Supernatural'!

Hearts of congregants swelled with anticipation and faith with every word, as the BLW President took us on a journey from Leviticus Chapter 25 through several scriptures to John 7:37-38. Each person watched from churches and fellowships and via LoveWorld stations, terrestrial networks, the Pastor Chris Online website, CeFLIX and other platforms, eagerly anticipating the word for the year.

The response from participants in the Global New Year's Eve Service with Pastor Chris was unanimous and rousing, as the people jumped up, shouted, spoke in tongues and congratulated one another, convinced that the year has been sealed in glory. "You’re about to see the ministry of the Holy Ghost like never before," Pastor Chris assured the congregants.

Watch the moments again in the featured video, and remember to like, comment and bless others by sharing on all social media platforms. Congratulations again, and welcome to supernatural supply, strength, abilities, insight, wisdom, knowledge and health like you never experienced before!

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charis zoe 18 days
Hallelujah, everywhere I go supernatural everything about me is supernatural
Ikechukwu Azuh 18 days
Thank you Pastor for such Impactful Word in my life. I'm set for a glorious ride this year.
146678135952 tempavatar1806350657
Outlwile 18 days
Thank you Pastor, I behold green only.
Victoria Mlobeli 18 days
Praise the Lord!! Thank you Pastor for the prophetic message from God Himself. I receive my life will never be the same again. Glory to God!!
rebekka sundermeier 19 days
I live in the supernatural 24/7. Thank you Holy Spirit ♡
144457188023 tempavatar 822979719
Unyime Philip 19 days
Glory! Glory!! Glory!!! & Grace! Grace!! Grace!!!
144566258436 tempavatar1572370122
Chidinma Ozulumba 19 days
Glory to God! 2018...My Year of The Supernatural! Thank you Lord Jesus! I'll witness the unexpected, I'll experience the unimaginable! Gloryyyyy!!!!
Frank Kwasi Adadjie 19 days
Glory hallelujah! Thank you Pastor Sir! It's my year of the supernatural!!!: I love you Pastor Sir.
Gerald Chisongo 19 days
This is my year of the supernatural, hallelujah!!! Thank you dear L
Glorrry to God!!! It's my year of THE SUPERNATURAL
Samuel ifeanyi 19 days
Hallelujah, this is my year, increased activity of angels, heavenly intervention, Higher dimensions of the spirit, 10 years achievement, my year of the supernatural. what a year, what a time to be alive .#celagoszone2. "
Esther Eyenowo 19 days
MY YEAR OF THE SUPERNATURAL. Divine intervention will bring me many unexpected blessings throughout 2018. Thank you Pastor.
Ehigie johnbull 19 days
In this year of the supernatural, things are going to be sh
148554925968 tempavatar437748558
Khanya tolom 19 days
amen thank you Lord Jesus!!!!
EKU GRACE 19 days
thank you pastor, my life is beautiful .all because of the word of God in me
Onyeoma 19 days
It was a Supernatural moment
151549749131 tempavatar1494884185
Evelyn Fanti 19 days
#cesazone4 Glory to God. Thank you Pastor sir for the word of Prophcey
promisem.mail@gmail.com 19 days
so empowered to be unstoppable unshakable indistructable with the supernatural abilities hallelujah
144645636881 image
Lesiba Bohlolo 19 days
God is God we will walk on water because He is the one making us willing and doing.Glorrryyy.
bright chimed ogbudi 19 days
All glory to God