“2018 is the Year of the Supernatural!” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome [VIDEO]

Watch (again) as Pastor Chris announces prophetic utterance for 2018 — ‘the Year of the Supernatural’!

"You’re going to see the unexpected; you’re about to see the unimaginable," the man of God, Pastor Chris, announced as he qualified the message of the Holy Spirit to His church for 2018, 'the Year of the Supernatural'!

Hearts of congregants swelled with anticipation and faith with every word, as the BLW President took us on a journey from Leviticus Chapter 25 through several scriptures to John 7:37-38. Each person watched from churches and fellowships and via LoveWorld stations, terrestrial networks, the Pastor Chris Online website, CeFLIX and other platforms, eagerly anticipating the word for the year.

The response from participants in the Global New Year's Eve Service with Pastor Chris was unanimous and rousing, as the people jumped up, shouted, spoke in tongues and congratulated one another, convinced that the year has been sealed in glory. "You’re about to see the ministry of the Holy Ghost like never before," Pastor Chris assured the congregants.

Watch the moments again in the featured video, and remember to like, comment and bless others by sharing on all social media platforms. Congratulations again, and welcome to supernatural supply, strength, abilities, insight, wisdom, knowledge and health like you never experienced before!

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bright chimed ogbudi 11 months
All glory to God
Nothando Melody Mazibuko 11 months
Hallelujah hosanna
Nothando Melody Mazibuko 11 months
Glory to the most High God .2018 i am walking triumphantly in the world of Supernatural.Manifestation has begun in my journey.First day service received handkerchief from Pastor
151405039434 tempavatar1905707664
King April Zoromi 11 months
my name shall be grate upon earth in this year
150712702634 tempavatar2135495138
Donald Museka 11 months
Hallelujah 🙌 Glory to God!
obotivere eguono 11 months
In this yr 2018, I will speak words of power and move in heaven's dimensions
144423792602 tempavatar 321895806
Diran Akerele 11 months
glory glory glory
saint barbara 11 months
Glory to God.
Sarah Astor 11 months
Margaret, prayers for you. Read your Bible more and pray for a change in your heart, request a Godly heart.
Sarah Astor 11 months
All glory be to our precious God.
Godwin nelson 11 months
oh hallelujah supernatural intervention from heaven glory glory... I receive insight into the realm of the spirit and I see possibilities only. in this yr action and success only#
146570595922 tempavatar1252540671
clemence fiti 11 months
glory to God.
paul Ojediran 11 months
Yvonne Ugwuala 11 months
Awesome! 10years in one. Glory Glory.
146118927541 tempavatar 1909891621
Margaret 11 months