230 Inmates Graduate Foundation School at Afokang Prison of Calabar

Life sentences miraculously reversed after inmates graduate Foundation School.

Fired up with the drive and tenacity to see all men discipled, the Prisons' Outreach Fellowship of Christ Embassy Calabar took the message of salvation and hope according to the BLW Nation to the Afokang Prison of Calabar.

View of Foundation School graduates at Afokang Prison.

230 saved inmates, baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost were acknowledged for their completion of training and study in important spiritual principles at the Foundation School. 300 Rhapsody Bibles, 300 copies of 'Now That You Are Born Again' and 300 copies of 'How to Pray Effectively' were distributed to the inmates and staff of the prison to foster their spiritual growth.

The Outreach Fellowship Coordinator shares divine truths with inmates.

The Cordinator of the Prisons' Outreach Fellowship, Brother Brain Olatayo, further admonished them to embrace the consciousness of their divine rights in Christ. The graduates, fueled with divine truths, are now carriers of divinity and conveyors of eternal verities, illuminating other inmates and flooding the prison with the light of the gospel. 

Immediately after the Graduation Ceremony, miracles started taking place. 15 inmates (10 of whom were sentenced to life imprisonment) were miraculously released.

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grace onuigbo about 1 year
This is Awesome!!!
Onyeoma about 1 year
He came to set the captives free
okoro Judith about 1 year
Jesus is Lord even in the prison.
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Beautiful Ifunanya about 1 year
Glorrrrrrrry. our God is sooo great
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Pst Juliet Wealth-Sakal about 1 year
Wow! This is awesome
ivara pius about 1 year
Glory be to the most high God..anything is possible hallelujah God is faithful
Bundu Maduka about 1 year
wow glory to god
ogunlesiadebola about 1 year
Glory to God..
BRIAN OLATAYO about 1 year
Glory to God forever!!!! Hallelujah!!!!
Enuofu Glory about 1 year
Glory to God
Sis Bridget Okogbo about 1 year
hallelujah! the word work s
Lizzie Malahlela about 1 year
Hallelujah that is who he is, way maker, miracle worker and light in the darkness! !Glory to our Heavenly Father
Christy Ogbuehi about 1 year
Glory to God Almighty
149303468065 tempavatar201017212
Elizabeth Ali about 1 year
way maker God
Jennifer Boakye about 1 year
glory to God
151587586536 tempavatar1860805647
Vona Jefia about 1 year
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
oluwakemi Esedebe about 1 year
The church is marching on... gloryyyy
Anagho about 1 year
glory to God
wealthy pneuma about 1 year
indeed the church is marching on, from victory to victory. Alleluia!
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Adeoye Blossom about 1 year