27,000 Young People Experience the Supernatural at ‘Youth Conference Benin’

Over 600,000 youths from 85 countries programmed to fulfill divine destiny as beacons of success.

Over 27,000 young people gathered at the main bowl and grounds, UNIBEN Sports Complex, for a night of testimonies and supernatural manifestations of God's Spirit, with an online participation of 601,170 people from 85 countries of the world. The surge at the gates was an overwhelming sight, showing a deep hunger for the Lord among youths.

Drone view of thousands present at the UNIBEN Sports Complex for Youth Conference Benin.

The esteemed Campus Ministry Director, Pastor Chike Ume, stirred the hearts of congregants  as he expounded on '5 Important Points for Success in Life'. Reading from John 10:10, he gave insight into purpose. "You were born for a reason," he charged the students present from several Universities. He emphasized the role of time, discipline and the power of choice in fulfilling godly purpose.

The Campus Ministry Director leads 4,000 youths into God's divine destiny.

How momentous it was when over 4,000 young people charged forward, running to receive salvation when the altar call was made. The presence and power of the Lord was strong in the arena, resulting in healing and diverse miracles wrought in the mighty name of Jesus. Asthma, eye conditions, bone conditions, heart problems and possible neurological ailments that affected ability to walk all bowed to the name of Jesus.

Pastor Chike Ume ministering to testifiers at the Youth Conference Benin.

The miracles of salvation and healing were cause for celebration as LMAM artistes, Eben, Jahdiel, UR Flames, Testimony, the BLW Rap Nation, Da Music and others ministered in songs of praise, worship and glorious confessions. 

Cross-section of youths expressing deep hunger for the Lord.

20,000 copies of Inspiring Generation XYZ — the special collection of messages preached by the man of God, Pastor Chris, at past National Youth Conferences — were distributed. New converts received copies of the Rhapsody Bible, 'Now That You Are Born Again' and the Rhapsody of Realities daily devotional.

Experience highlights of Youth Conference Benin 2018 in the featured video. Remember to like, share and post your comments in the section below.

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ugo ohia about 22 hours
Oh what a moment, what a sight, what a Joy to have these young ones receive those precious words that will enlighten, inspire and propel the to live our greatness and fulfill divine purpose. Thank you Holy Spirit, the Lord of the harvest. Thank you our esteemed Campus Director, Pastor Chika Ume and you team.
Obiajulu freeman 3 days
kabaya, its in our DNA.congratulations to the campus ministry directors
144632997795 image
Pastor Val Ibeachum 4 days
145604782807 tempavatar1311064496
Joy Amadin 6 days
this is powerful for one night!!! Jesus is Lord
151905585347 tempavatar2070367783
carine zoe 6 days
Jesus is Wonderful Forever ❤
144735291783 image
David Daramola 6 days
Awesome, the power of God was made manifest. All glory to His Name forever.
AtAtsenokhai Apakhumhe 6 days
Fantastic! Glory to God.
Femi Ogunibe 6 days
Glory to God! Congratulations to Pastor Chike and the whole campus ministry.
Daniel David Adamu 7 days
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
bennichristos 7 days
praise God
Victoria Mlobeli 7 days
147858324695 tempavatar 1490281199
Prince Amos 7 days
An awesome manifestation of God's glory.
146531810529 tempavatar1039247520
Tatenda Mahubaba 7 days
Glory to God #eevr
147767238823 tempavatar749252331
Nemani Saukalou 8 days
truly this is the year of supernatural.
147112238320 tempavatar 2055149504
Enene Igbecha 8 days
Such tangible Glory! Nigeria will never be the same again. Praise God forevermore! #BLWZoneC #BLWUNILAG
suzzy bliss 8 days
woow so inspiring
151067798836 tempavatar 184621412
Agu Christian 8 days
This awesome. it can only be possible by God's spirit. glory to God
Oyewole Olumide 8 days
This is by the Spirit.Thank God we made it.We are set for the next.
Natasha okeke 8 days
NtokozoSonkeDlamini 8 days
woow woow woow this is truely epic legendary