306 Saved in Batangas, Philippines, on Christ Embassy Abu Dhabi’s Mission Trip

CE Abu Dhabi reaches many with God’s saving power, healing and saving, on mission trip to Philippines.

Sister Rachelle Infante of Christ Embassy Abu Dhabi, United Emirates, led other members of the Philippines Missionary Team, including Brother Margel Monato, Sister Joella Monato, Sister Marian Monato and Sister Angelina Sanquez, on a successful 5-day mission trip to Batangas, Philippines.

The team with locals, ministering the Gospel to them.

The mission trip, which took place earlier this month of September 2018, witnessed the salvation of 306 souls in the capital of Batangas Province in the Philippines. Many received copies of the Messenger Angel with rapturous excitement, and diverse miracles were recorded as the team prayed for the people. The team went through the streets, visiting homes, a school and a medical center, revealing Christ’s love.

Children give their hearts to Christ at a school.

A firm foundation has been laid for the work in the Philippines, and the brethren expectantly look forward to the next mission trip with great joy and expectation. The Philippines belong to the Lord Jesus.

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carine zoe 8 months
Glorious future!
151403046426 tempavatar640482398
Timothy Joshua 8 months
HALLELUJAH! #Cephilippines #Cephzone3
Benjamin Katana 8 months
Wow! Wow!
Benjamin Katana 8 months
Glory to God and congratulations to CE Abu Dhabi, you are Shining the Glory of the Gospel.
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Chuks Reginald Ohanu 8 months
wow glory to God
Joyce Ncube 8 months
Praise God great work
Munyaradzi Goneso 8 months
Thank you Jesus. Sweet Holy Spirit you are amazing.
Martha Makuyana 8 months
To God be the glory!!! The word will grow and prevail in Batangas and beyond.
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Hilton Zivanai Tamangani 8 months
Glory to God Batangas will never be the same again a firm foundation has been laid
Deacon Peter 8 months
Glory to God and salutations to our MOG. congratulations Regional Pastor sir and CE Abu Dhabi
Oliver Mutiso Mwangangi 8 months
ohhhh Blessed is God Forever. Thanks to our Dear Man Of Pastor Chris ,for giving us the word of God in simplicity .Congratulations CE Abu Dhabi UEA and a big Congratulations to our Dear Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Kay we love you Sir.
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Ngantanu Roland 8 months
Glory to God, the Philippines will never remain thesame again! God bless Philippine Thank you ambassador for taking the Gospel to the nation's..
Noel Edward 8 months
Glory be unto God
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eric 8 months
Praise be to Lord! The land Philippines will not remain the same.
saint barbara 8 months
Manouri Fernando 8 months
Glory to the Living God!!!!! Supernatural accomplishment!!!
Tebogo Monareng 8 months
Oh Lord! This is the work of eternal grace and results of Our Man of God Pastor Chris coming to Abu Dhabi...Congratulations to Our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor Sir and CE UAE...the set time indeed! Glory to God!
violet-zoe 8 months
gloryyyyyyy, praise God. congratulations CE Abu Dhabi UAE. And thank you to our highly esteemed pastor Kay, we love you sir.
iosub Liliana7@yahoo.com 8 months
Amin Mulțumesc
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Emmanuel A Oyetunde 8 months
Blessed be God! A big thank You to Our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor Pastor KAY for making this possible, Sir, we love you, more grace! Saints thank you so much for ur passion, oooo what a resumea to be added to heavenly account! This which has began in Philippines is spreading and prevailing mightily in Jesus Name, Amen!