430 People Experience Heaven through Worship Without Limits with Bolarinde

LMAM artistes, Bolarinde, Ayo Vincent, Eniola, lead concert attendees into tearful worship.

The first edition of 'Worship Without Limits', a special evangelical project to take men and women into greater realms of fellowship with God's Spirit took place on Sunday, October 15th.

Sister Bolarinde and her team lead attendees in heartfelt worship.

The program, which was designed by its organizer, music minister, Sister Bolarinde Omorejie, held at Christ Embassy LCC6 after several weeks of rehearsals, intercessory prayers and planning. Concert headliner, Bolarinde, took the congregation of over 430 people from one song to another, invoking a Heavenly atmosphere. People knelt in worship, while others went prostrate before the Lord, tearfully exalting the name of Jesus.

Hands lifted high and unrestrained, the people worship the One True God.

Anointed LMAM artistes, Ayo Vincent and Eniola, were also present to minister in songs. For the entire duration of the program, the people turned their hearts to the Lord and every mountain suddenly became small. Testimonies of healing and restoration have been recorded, with some accepting the Lordship of Jesus Christ for the first time.

Music minister, Ayo Vincent, leading a session of praise and worship.

Experience uplifting highlights from the concert in the featured video above and photo gallery below. Remember to like, share and post your comments in the section below.

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150859592271 tempavatar411572481
Bolarinde Omorejie 12 months
Amen.Thank you Pastor Lanre sir am grateful for the opportunity. you taught us to be passionate about soul winning and that is all what Worship without limits is all about sir. Thank you sir.
Pastor Lanre 12 months
remarkable! all for Jesus!! there will be more.
150859592271 tempavatar411572481
Omorejie Bolarinde about 1 year
@Adebukola Olu Soyele thank you very much we will ensure a better stream at the next edition.
Adebukola Olu Soyele about 1 year
Well done sister Bolarinde and team. I will ask that you do a live steam on social media so people can join from around the world.
olalekan alawiye about 1 year
nice job
151549749131 tempavatar1494884185
Evelyn Fanti about 1 year
#cesazone4 Glory to God Amen.
149744197466 tempavatar 615982764
KarlaGod about 1 year
148765966561 tempavatar754097739
Mike Ayuba about 1 year
waw what a glorious moment.
Onuel Uka about 1 year
waoh this is awesome.
150859592271 tempavatar411572481
Omorejie Bolarinde about 1 year
wow glory Halleluyah...
150633969397 tempavatar1951916809
Amadike John about 1 year
Ossy Brown about 1 year
Amazing! Amazing!! Amazing!!!
Sue-Angel Nkuna about 1 year
Sounds like it was a night to behold!!