The Chronicles of a Camper: 2014 Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris [Part 2]

The Chronicles of a Camper — 2014 Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris [Part 2]

Marvelous time it was indeed at the morning session of Tuesday, 22nd of April, 2014, the Day 6 of the ongoing International Easter Youth Camp 2014 with Pastor Chris. As more and more campers shared their experiences with us, we have some excerpts for you from three (3) members of the blue team from different continents of the world. 

"We woke up really early and started with the morning drills, which was the first time we had that in the camp. It was amazing. We did the exercises in groups and it was just a lot of fun. And we came to the chapel after an amazing breakfast. We had a great time of prayer and many countries doing their presentations. It was awesome and the word of God came through the woman of God, Pastor Ose, it was just amazing.

Pastor Chris, I love you so much. Thank you so much for thinking highly of us. If it were not for you, I would be just be a normal teenager doing all the kind of things the world does and I would not have been here but I thank God for you and I love you so much."

- Bahram (Australia) - AUSTRALIA

"And talking about the spirit-charge in the meeting, Pastor Ose was amazing. Her words just sank into my spirit and I just feel like a battery; I’ve been recharged. Every time after a meeting, I just feel like I am at a new level of glory. I would just like to say to anyone who that hears this message, you can have this too. You can invest in your personality; invest in yourself. God just wants you to want him. He just wants people to desire for Him and for his word. If you have that, you can do anything just be open and let God do amazing things with your life. God is a wonder and He’ll make you a wonder to the nations in the name of Jesus.


Pastor Chris, you are amazing, you have changed my life. I thank God for you. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for blessing us with this camp."

- Kea (South Africa) - AFRICA

"Actually, I came with the Austrian group and my church is in Vienna. I now want to be a Leader of a group in church. I will take the light back to Vienna. That’s my first step. Much more, the people in my country, Taiwan, are almost all Buddhists but I believe that they will be changed; The people in Taiwan will be changed for God.
Pastor Chris, I thank you so much for this amazing gift. It's just amazing that I've been ministered to by you and so many other testimonies

- Li (Taiwan) - ASIA

Doubtless, the youths are having the time of their lives as they are being transformed for greater impact in their vast and various worlds. Testimonies are ever abounding! We have much more experiences from the International Easter Youth Camp 2014 with Pastor Chris coming your way in the next edition of The Chronicles of a Camper. Stay with us!

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