Rhapsody Travels: Mission Trip to Seychelles

Rhapsody of Realities partners embark on a mission trip to the islands of Seychelles.

The reach of the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities by Pastors Chris and Anita Oyakhilome, is consistently expanding throughout the world, granting people of all nations a deeper revelation of God’s Word.  Through the commitments of partners of the Rhapsody of Realities, the No. 1 daily devotional is now in 220 languages (and counting) and in every nation and territory of the world. 

In a recent effort, Rhapsody partners embarked on an inspiring mission trip to the island of Seychelles.  Located east of Southeast mainland Africa and northeast of the island of Madagascar, Seychelles is a 155-island country with a population of 90,000 people.  The people of Seychelles speak English, French and Seychellois Creole, languages in which Rhapsody of Realities is currently available.  The Seychellois people testify of the barriers broken in their understanding of the scriptures through Rhapsody of Realities, simply because the devotional is available in their native language of Seychellois Creole.

Many testimonies resulted from the distribution of Rhapsody of Realities in Seychelles.  Rosemary Albest, a lady who owns a tailoring business, testified that the grace of God increased on her business as she read the Rhapsody of Realities and made the faith confessions contained in it.  Rosemary’s business has recovered from challenges that were about to lead to the business becoming defunct.  Another lady, Angele Lebon, testified that she received divine healing from a severe bladder infection that had plagued her since childhood, through her contact with the Rhapsody of Realities.

Both Rosemary and Angele are now partners with the Rhapsody of Realities.  For details on how to partner with the Rhapsody of Realities in the distribution of 100 million copies of the devotional in 550 languages this year 2014, visit the Rhapsody of Realities website

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