"Healing from Heaven" Testimony: An Answer to the Cry of Many

"Healing from Heaven" Testimony: An Answer to the Cry of Many

Healing from Heaven is a timeless volume series by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD that chronicles testimonies of individuals who have been healed from diverse diseases at the Healing School with Pastor Chris. The book also contains inspiring and practical teachings by the man of God, Pastor Chris, on how to receive healing and walk in divine health. Healing from Heaven is available in 3 volumes that are "taking the healing power of God to the people." The following testimony is that of one of many readers of the life-changing book:

My Name is Jimoh. I was born into a Muslim family in Nigeria. It all began in February 2010 when I went for a pre-marriage HIV test with my fiancée. I was out of town when the results came out, so she called to give me the information on my status. She told me the result showed I was HIV positive. I thought for a moment that she was joking, until she started crying over the phone, then it dawned on me that is was no joke.

I was already a Christian at the time and the only Christian in my family. I was so devastated and depressed. I went for three different blood tests and they all showed I was HIV Positive - I felt like I’d lost everything. I was becoming a shadow of myself, and I knew I needed God’s miraculous intervention.

When I went to see my Pastor, he encouraged me in God’s Word and introduced the book ‘’Healing from Heaven’’ to me. I immediately got a copy, and as I studied it, I was inspired by the testimonies of people who had been healed of similar or worse conditions than mine. I was convinced that my miracle was inevitable. I continued in the study and confession of the Word over my life and a few days later, I went for another blood test; this time the result was HIV NEGATIVE. The power of God healed me of a medically impossible situation, and I can’t thank Him enough. Glory to God! I’m so grateful to God and I thank Him every day for the book ‘’Healing from Heaven.”

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