Flagship Programs Now on Public Buses in Nigeria

Atmosphere for Miracles and Pastor Chris Teaching Now on Public Buses in Nigeria

For residents of Lagos State, Nigeria, the government transportation authority (Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority) instituted an additional mode of public transportation in 2008 called Lagos Bus Rapid Transit buses or Lagos BRT buses.  BRT buses are high capacity buses with dedicated road lanes with a potential to make transportation quicker and more efficient in large cities like Lagos. With 17.5 million residents in Lagos State alone, it is estimated that several thousands of residents take advantage of the BRT buses for transportation on a daily basis.

The LoveWorld Television Ministry and its partners saw BRT buses as an opportunity to expand the reach of the teaching and healing ministry of our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD. The Lord Jesus’ instructions were to go where the souls are; since many in Lagos are transported by the BRT bus system, partners decided to equip the buses with the capacity to display Atmosphere for Miracles, a program that exhibits God’s healing power through Pastor Chris causing healing and divine health in its viewers, and Pastor Chris Teaching, the revelation-divulging and life-transforming program of the man of God.

With Pastor Chris on BRT buses, the possibilities are beyond human imagination. Because people use BRT buses to go to work and return home everyday, they are being exposed to God’s Word that will very quickly impact the fabric of the nation. Workers will go to work and return home in joy. Students will receive healing and inspiration for their future while on the way to school.

To learn more and join this effort, please call +23480 8680 1141 or email partnership@loveworldtelevisionministry.org.

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