The Future of Christianity

Pastor Chris Answers: Watch Pastor Chris discuss the future of Christianity at the May 2014 Communion Service

In view of changing times, there is an ever-increasing curiosity and yearn to know more:

...about the past,

…about the present

…and demystifying the future.

Christianity is not a religion, contrary to popular belief; the revelation of the Gospel of Christ unveils this fact. But, the scope of the future of Christianity remains the question in the hearts of many.

At the May 2014 Communion Service, the man of God, Pastor Chris, discussed the events of recent times and the future that will follow. Watch the above video on the future of Christianity and share our comments below.

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Sanelisiwe Makuzeni almost 5 years
Haya what a powerful massage. I can't stop magnifying his holy name
Edina Mhuru over 5 years
The church is marching on.