ICLC Day 1: The Passion of the Man — Jesus!

Pastor Chris enlightens ICLC 2014 delegates on the passion of Jesus.

Heralding the arrival of the President of the BLW nation, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome PhD, was a thunderous applause and cheers of elation; delegates could hardly contain themselves, overjoyed with expectation for the Word of God. In a super-charged atmosphere prepped for the revelation of God's word, the President proceeded to welcome all delegates to the conference.

Without much ado, Pastor Chris began to unveil the three-part message of the International Cell Leaders' Conference 2014: the man, the message and the mandate! Pastor Chris kicked off the glorious exegesis with the subject of the man Jesus. Recalling several striking events from his life on earth, Pastor Chris shared on Jesus' personality and his passion to save the world.

With teary eyes and a trembling voice, the man of God ended his teaching with a vivid description of Jesus' encounter at the cross. Reminding all delegates of the revelance of the death of Jesus and providing an enlightening paraphrase to the last words of Jesus on the cross ("It is finished"), the man of God said, "It is done. It is completed; salvation is consummated!" Further emphasizing his message on the passion of Christ Jesus, Pastor Chris made a gentle yet profound remark to delegates, saying that there is only one mediator between God and man — the man Jesus!

The faces of all delegates beamed with more passion and compassion for the lost as they received the opening message of the ICLC 2014.

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Stephen Asiedu @ Ce Accra Ghana Zone over 6 years
God bless you pastor
Nwabueze Ibeanu over 6 years
Thank you Pastor
Phumulile Mdletshe over 6 years
Thank you Pastor Sir for revealing the man Jesus Christ to me, I am compelled by His love to do His will. His liquid love for me is unspeakable. I am forever greatful to Him. I love you Sir. #cesazone2
Refiloe Maseko over 6 years
I love you Pastor. Message so fresh as if I was hearing it for the first time in my life. I am grateful to God .
Israel Oloche over 6 years
it was so so amazing the revelation that night. I love you sir
Osagie Okoruwa over 6 years
glory to God
Owah Collins Ewere over 6 years
it was awesome... thank you pastor sir...
Anuri Okoronkwo over 6 years
so powerful..Thank you sir
Kenneth Calmday over 6 years
What a message? I am eternally grateful to God for the revelation of God's word we continually receive from our man sent from God. Thank you Pastor
Dcns Joy Usiholo over 6 years
Thank you Pastor, for giving my life a meaning, i apreciate You so very much . may God continually strengthen You for us in Jesus Name.
Violet Nsimbi over 6 years
thank you sir. For all your teachings
Victoria Peters over 6 years
Thank you so much sir,I have been glorified #ceukraine
Uranta Endwell over 6 years
Pastor thank you sir for unveiling the MAN CHRIST JESUS with deep passion in your spirit.its an awesome thought to hear and a privilege to be part of this revelation from you. I love you sir.
Samuel Zion over 6 years
IT IS FINISHED! My Goodness!!!! What revelation! Thank you Pastor sir for opening our eyes to see!!!!!
Flora Eigbe over 6 years
The last Words of Jesus Christ on the Cross ...It is Finished. .. is my confidence, my peace, I can not find words to describe it . Glory. Thank you Father for your unending sacrifice.
Disego Thobejane over 6 years
Thank you pastor sir for unveiling such great and deep truths about the man Jesus, what a fresh revelation. Love you sir
Pastor Harriet Agape over 6 years
Thank you sir for the opportunity to serve Jesus in a relevant way and for revealing Jesus Christ to us every time you minister to us. I love you so much sir.
Sir Billion - 1 over 6 years
Thank you so much pastor Sir.For unveiling this greater truth.JESUS THE MAN. I love You pastor sir.
Fortune over 6 years
Oh thank you PastorSir for unveiling to us secrets of the kingdom.
Chisa Endwell over 6 years
Thank you pastor for rekindling the fire in me. Precious Jesus I thank you for your blood. I remember all you've done.