600 Children Make a Conscious Decision to Follow Jesus on Children's Day

8,000 kids and teenagers exposed to edifying entertainment and God's infallible Word.

Children's Day celebrations in Nigeria afforded Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 2 an opportunity to express God's extravagant love for children at the Sharks Football Stadium, where 8,000 kids and teens were exposed to edifying entertainment and God's infallible Word.

Choreographed dance presentation by the children.

The evidence of the divine orchestration put in place by the Holy Spirit for this program was seen in the salvation of over 600 children when the altar call was made. These young ones who made a deliberate and conscious decision to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of their lives are proof-positive that Nigeria's future is secure.

Cross-section of some of the children present.

With over 100 schools represented, the event provided an avenue to penetrate the fabric of the education system in the city of Port Harcourt. Soul-lifting praise and worship opened the program, charging the atmosphere ahead of an unforgettable experience. The children enjoyed dance and music presentations, group carnival parade and an exciting Inter-School Competition with prizes sponsored by the zone.

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Victoria Mlobeli about 1 year
Praise the Lord! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
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Thokozile Sigauke about 1 year
Amen! This Gospel is bringing the children out of darkness into God's marvellous light! Wow! #cesazone5 #cekwekwe
Ebi Thomas-Ejor about 1 year
Glory to God
Pastor Beauty Aduroja about 1 year
Taking the Gospel into every man's world. Glory to God.
Moses Kentebe about 1 year
Glory to God Almighty
Amadike john about 1 year
Blessing Eke about 1 year
This is awesome, Jesus is doing wonders
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paul Ekuerre about 1 year
glory to God, indeed every Child is my child
Pastor Tebogo Malatji about 1 year
Lawrence Ebadan about 1 year
Glory! Hallelujah!!!
markson about 1 year
God's name be praised for ever...#cebeninzone1
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Donald Museka about 1 year
Oh blessed be God 🙌
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PILLAR ETUK about 1 year
it was glorious
147754781203 tempavatar653579681
PILLAR ETUK about 1 year
wow, this was glorious