7,500 Destinies Altered by God’s Word at ‘Total Experience Douala’

Memory loss, cancer, several ailments healed, as over 500 receive salvation in Douala, Cameroon.

Over 4,000 participants flocked into 'Mason du parti Bonanjo', venue of 'Total Experience Douala', with a hunger for God's word on Sunday, November 5th, eager to listen to destiny-altering words from the esteemed Pastor Akin Oketunji. The people journeyed from different parts of the city for a divine encounter orchestrated to lead them into a new dispensation of blessings.

Thousands flock the venue with high expectations.

The arena was electrified with God's glory and the power of the Spirit, stirring the people's hearts to receive from God. Moments of prayer were followed by exuberant praise and worship, led by the choir and music minister, Prosper Menko, who heightened the expectations of everyone present, making the presence of God tangible in the arena.

The congregation rejoicing in the Holy Ghost.

Ministering God's Word in the fulness of the Spirit, the esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor of Christ Embassy EWCA Virtual Zone 4, Pastor Akin Oketunji, brought the audience into an awareness of the victorious life in Christ. It was such a powerful exposé in God's Word, yielding an avalanche of testimonies as the people bore witness to the healing and saving power of Jesus. 

The esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor leads over 500 people in the prayer of salvation. 

Over 90 people recorded healing in their bodies, including a young man who had suffered memory loss for 3 years and received restoration, as well as a young boy with cancer, who was healed and began to walk freely and unaided. By word of knowledge, Pastor Akin identified and declared healing for specific cases. The lame stood up to run; heart diseases, paralysis, hepatitis, lumps in the throat and other ailments were completely healed.

First timers attend a 'Get Acquainted' event after the program.

At the call to salvation, over 500 unsaved people responded ran to the altar to receive Jesus as Lord, receiving the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Added to those at the venue were 3,500 more people participating LIVE via CeFLIX and the Christ Embassy Douala Virtual Church platform. First timers were blessed with Pastor Chris Digital Library vouchers,'Now That You are Born Again' and the Messenger Angel, to help them grow their faith.

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Albert Msane 11 months
Glory to God. Thank you Pastor Sir. What an awesome service. I love you dearly. Brother Albert Msane [Durban -South Africa]
Joyce Ncube 11 months
Praise God
147662310032 image
Laïssa TONGUE 11 months
c'était Glorieux. Merci seigneur pour la moisson #Trailblazer #Ewcavz4
144442803701 tempavatar 1677196362
Kamga Tamoufé Louis Marie 11 months
Awesome. Memorable day. The Lord is faithful. Thank you Pastor Oket Sir or this great program. Your extraordinary leadership made it possible and Douala more over Cameroon has changed forever. Thank you Jesus. #ewcavz4
mfontem collins ndip 11 months
Wow. Glory be to God
148853444247 tempavatar 1133177601
Eyere Joanah Eyong 11 months
Glory To God forevermore
151549749131 tempavatar1494884185
Evelyn Fanti 11 months
#cesazone4 Glory glory to his name forevermore
aziude Kennedy nkemdirim 11 months
God is great. glorrrrryyyy!
Carine tabue 11 months
Ck Rostand Blaise 11 months
144412724007 tempavatar 1180071208
Evelyne Ekedi 11 months
glory to Jesus!!! #ewcavz4 #victory
Ewande Jeanne Agnes #EWCAVZ4 11 months
Glory to God...what a glorious Holy Ghost filled day it was. Still reliving every moment.Thank You Pastor Oket we love you
144600882142 tempavatar 1181163075
Si Onga Manka 11 months
Hallelujah. it was such an awesome time in Douala. Thank you Holy Spirit for manifesting your power and Divine revelation. we all present was metamorphosis into higher realms of glory. Praise The Lord
151038218159 tempavatar 1217537910
Okay 11 months
Glory to God the nation of Cameroon will never remain the same.
Pastor Paul Nzokwe 11 months
151549749131 tempavatar1494884185
Evelyn Fanti 11 months
#cesazone4 Glory to God.
babila 11 months
Hallelujah #ewcavz4
Sello Jeremia 11 months
Praise The Lord in the Name Of Jesus Christ Our Saviour,Amen
saint barbara 11 months
Joséphine olembe 11 months
Glory,glory glory