A Time of Supernatural Upgrade at ’3 Days of Glory’ with Reverend Ken in Quebec

Revelation of God’s Word produces miracles and testimonies in the lives of many in Quebec, Canada.

The just-concluded ‘3 Days of Glory’ with the highly esteemed Regional Pastor, Reverend Ken Oyakhilome, hosted by the Quebec Virtual Zone in Montreal, Quebec, was a supernatural time of upgrade for everyone present. 

View of the congregation as the highly esteemed Regional Pastor ministers.

The electrifying meetings held over the weekend, including a special leaders’ meeting on Saturday morning. With each meeting came new revelations of God’s Word as Reverend Ken unveiled divine truths from Romans 1:16-17. The brethren were admonished to be bold about the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. “Christianity is under attack around the world but God has given us the golden opportunity to shine and preach the Gospel,” he taught.

The highly esteemed Reverend Ken with the Virtual Zonal Pastor, Pastor Yvonne Eba.

Another highlight of the unique program was when the highly esteemed Regional Pastor shared from Romans 4:17-21, highlighting the power of words in effecting a lasting change! Not a single person was left out from hearing the infallible Word of God.

Special moments of impartation during the service.

There were special ministrations and impartations of the Spirit through prophetic utterances to members of the congregation, resulting in financial and vocational miracles, healing and much more. 

Brethren worship the Lord with grateful hearts.

The ‘3 Days of Glory’ was an unforgettable time in God’s presence, and the testimonies are still rolling in!

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Victoria Mlobeli 8 months
Glory to God! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
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Naa_Zoë 8 months
Glory to God forever more
Zoe 8 months
Glory to God!!!!
hor 8 months
Diverses miracle. Thank you lord for the testimonies. What an awesome time in the presence of the lord #CENDGmontreal
Pastor Yvonne 8 months
oh!.yes.it was a time of uplifting. we were changed into 'nectar eating butterflies'..what glory! watch out world!.
144431970238 tempavatar 1356412118
Sis Oum 8 months
indeed it was a glorious time
Pastor Peter 8 months
Glory to God! Quebec is never the same again
saint barbara 8 months
This is Glorious
David Paul 8 months
Wow, Powerful Glory!!# Namibia#Zone2
Nkosiphendule 8 months
Blessed be God! The Word works in me now in Jesus'Name. Glooorrryyy!
144443956123 tempavatar1227661542
Desire Mudimu 8 months
Wow, the church is truly marching on. Glory to God!
iosub Liliana7@yahoo.com 8 months
Amin Mulțumesc