Are you a Type 1 or 2 Lady? Here's How to Style African Prints to Suit You!

Are you a six-inch heels type of girl, come rain or shine? Or...

Ladies, things are about to get pretty serious around here. Are you a type one or a type two lady, or do you think you oscillate between the two? Would you rather wear a dress and a pair of sneakers over the weekend or will you keep it real with your six inch heels or stilettos?

African prints re-emerge in the trendiest styles.

We’re all aware of the re-emergence of African prints in the trendiest styles. From two-piece ensembles to jumpsuits, off-shoulder dresses, Bardot tops, trench coats; you name it, it’s out there, and because of how basic they mostly are, our choice of footwear does the most talking.

Kachi pairs African print dress with a pair of sandals.

In this department, there are those ladies who stay true to their six-inch heels, come rain or shine, but in my opinion, if I was wearing this on a Thursday, a pair of sandals as pictured above would be most appropriate.

A more fun and light-hearted pairing with sneakers.

However, there’s just something fun and light about pairing sneakers with Ankara gowns and this has gradually become my go-to weekend inspo.

What do you think? Are you a type one or a type two lady? Or do you dance between the two, like me? Leave a comment; let’s get talking! 

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Monica Bekangba about 1 year
Amadike john about 1 year
Chrisma Asa about 1 year
Beautiful, Hallelujah.
dominion Jennifer about 1 year
am between the two. depending on the mood
Akpos jane about 1 year
Ifunanya Ani C. about 1 year
I love both, I go with the two, but depends on the day
149744197466 tempavatar 615982764
Karla Obakpolor about 1 year
I'll totally rock the sneaks😅👟
148330175667 tempavatar 335452327
Pst Beatrice Ogolla about 1 year
I dance between the two. It's pretty interesting to get creative with the outfit.
Pastor Chinenye Opara about 1 year