Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris Brings Season of Miracles to Your Home

Welcome new seasons of the supernatural with Atmosphere for Miracles, airing on LoveWorld stations. 

Get ready for an experience of the supernatural this Sunday, September 1st, as you watch an exclusive episode of Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris on Your LoveWorld Station at 8pm EST, 5pm PST and 1am GMT +1.

Atmosphere for Miracles (AFM) heralds the healing power of God, bringing deliverance, healing, restoration and total wholeness to the sick and oppressed. It is a special time of rebirth of destinies and a season of miracles. Your miracle awaits you!

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"RICHARD OGOMA" 6 months
I love you Man of God
Ruramai R. Museba 6 months
Hallelujah! I believe in miracles of any kind through Christ Jesus