BLW Gospel Takes Center Stage as Zimbabwe's Tourism Industry Convenes 

Vice-President of Zimbabwe, other senior officials, receive free Rhapsody Bibles.

Brethren and leaders from Christ Embassy Southern Africa Zone 5 took advantage of a gathering to commemorate the International Day of Tourism for Sustainable Development on Tuesday, June 6th. They seized the opportunity to spread the impact of the Rhapsody of Realities Devotional Study Bible during the conference held at the Harare International Conference Center. 

The Zonal Pastor leads prayers for the nation of Zimbabwe.

The gathering was a rendezvous of senior figures in Zimbabwe's tourism industry, high ranking government officials, including the country's Vice President, as well as business executives. The gathering began with a procession from Harare's Town House to the venue of the conference, amid much pomp and fanfare, and Christ Embassy was noticeably present and active, by invitation.

View of the crowd of esteemed personalities.

The meeting opened a door of opportunity for the message of the BLW Nation to penetrate the nooks and cranny of Zimbabwe as the Zonal Pastor, Pastor Ruth Musarurwa, distinguished it with her presence, opening and closing the main event with prayers for the nation of Zimbabwe. 

The Vice-President receives a Rhapsody Bible from Pastor Ruth Musarurwa.

Access to our ministry's message was granted as the church took the opportunity to distribute free copies of the Rhapsody Bible, as well as the book, 'the Power of Your Mind', to all government officials in attendance, including the Vice President, the Honourable Emmerson Mnangagwa. 

God's Word making impact in the lives of senior tourism and government officials.

The occasion was beyond doubt distinguished with the introduction of the word of God to the fray as attested to by officials interviewed. Certainly, the word of God will be a catalyst in bringing about sustainable development in the nation of Zimbabwe.

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Adeyemi Junaid about 1 year
Wow! Glory!! The church is marching on!!!
Florah Mukurazhizha about 1 year
Amen! The Gospel is certainly making significant impact in Zimbabwe!
147050398627 tempavatar 1874110709
Kingstone Donga about 1 year
Hallelujah!!! glory to God. Thank you Pastor
john lek about 1 year
Hallelujah. ....Thank God for this great ministry. Thank you Pastor sir for teaching us the way to go. I love you big sir . congratulations Zimbabwe
thulani ntshangase about 1 year
The church is marching ON. Blessed be God
Tafadzwa Mupaz about 1 year
Blessed be the Lord God for ever....When our Man of God , Rev Chris Oyakhilome , came and declared its a new beginning for Zimbabwe, Indeed the Word is being fulfilled
Ngozi Uzowulu about 1 year
Glory to God. #CEPHZONE2
146741056431 tempavatar 531127078
kenyetta jones about 1 year