BLW Nation Prepares for New Year with Global Prayer and Fasting Program

Citizens of BLW Nation separate themselves unto fellowship with the Spirit and the Word ahead of 2018.

"2017 is the Year of Flourishing!" — These words launched the BLW Nation into a season of luxuriant growth, significant attainments and persistent productivity, added to the spreading, triumph, greatness and more received in prior years. 

As we draw closer to the declaration of the words, "2018 is the Year of...," BLW citizens around the world have separated themselves unto spiritual preparation through prayer and fasting, fellowshipping with the Spirit of God in multiplicity of visions and prophetic utterances. 

This period, brethren quiet their souls in readiness for the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, listening to messages by the BLW President on the Pastor Chris Digital Library, reading the Rhapsody of Realities and praying in tongues periodically. In past years, the man of God, Pastor Chris, has emphasized the importance of keeping writing materials close by for the words that will pour out from the Holy Ghost.

At recent December events, Pastor Chris has described 2018, saying "the year is green" and "it's 10-for-one," speaking of the progress of 10 years in one. What are your expectations for the new year? How are you preparing during this prayer and fasting season? Kindly share in the comments section below.

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Winnie Afegbua 10 months
Yes!..few hour's into 2018.....,It's a ten in one year for me,every month is one year, by October am done with 2018. More Zeros is being added to my account and I walk in surplusssssss.
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Kingstone Donga 10 months
Its glorious....10 in 1..ALL GREEN.... plush. thank you sir
Amorighoye Omayeli Christabell 10 months
Halleluyah!! hallelujah... speaking in tongues preparing for the new year!!! 10years In 1.. kaya
Joyce Nwoke 10 months
oh I'm so overwhelmed with excitements in my spirit, very ready to receive the message of the Spirit for 2018. i can see in my spirit 10years progress in one year, hallelujah. Glory to God Almighty. Pastor Sir, i thank U so much for leading us your children in triumphal procession and unending success parade. i love U Sir.
olanrewaju oyetunji 10 months
Thank you, my expectations are; God guiding and leading me through The Man of God's right Words spoken out of Him: From one investment into another #PCTTHEVIRTUOUSWOMAN; I enjoy what I ought to do #PCTMinisteringtotheLordpcdlaudio; I'm perfected in Him #PCTWISDOMFORWEALTH. I'm blessed to have Someone, The Man of God Sir tell me what to do.
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Sallysilampaee 10 months
year of super naturel 2018 .
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Denyefa Ayoade 10 months
glorrrrrrry bcos is going to be by his spirit not my strength. 10years in 1year=2028 compress 2018 kabashayakasheda.
Blossom Osita-Maha 10 months
Ajibulu Daniel 10 months
It's going to be the year of enlarging thy tent... 10x better.... 10 in 1
Babalola Benjamen 10 months
What should have taken me 10years will be done in 1year. Glory be to God.
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Nwakwubei Onyemaechi 10 months
2018 souls will pour into our kingdom in their hundreds of millions through our various church activities. the year is indeed green
monday ikeji 10 months
Am fully ready and highly expectant....10 years blessings in one year also means if my offering is one thousand in 2017, 2018 should be 10.000...Likewise in every other giving... thanks so very much my beloved prophet sir.
pastor dee 10 months
am excited in my spirit.. hearing God reasure me of the Word already spoken about 10 years in 1../No man and no circumstance can stop me from achieving 10 years in 1
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NKIRU JOHN 10 months
Wow!My spirit man is ready to fly like never before as our Father declares 2018 as the year of,,,,,,,,,,.Thank You Pastor Sir for being a great blessing to us .i love You Dad !
Samuel ifeanyi 10 months
my spirit is stirred to become sensitive to the frequency of Gods spirit and i have been receiving constant transmission of divine secrets and heavenly information concerning my kingdom exploits for 2018. Glory to God. #ceosz
Blossom Osita-Maha 10 months
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Evelyn Fanti 10 months
#cesazone4 Glory to God. Hallellujah
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Pst Juliet Wealth-Sakal 10 months
I'm participating using the zonal prayer schedule & prayer points. Mt esteemed zonal pastor has declared surplus, in addition my dear man of God has declared 10yrs achievement in 1yr ... my business will be in the realms of billions. The glorious thing I know is that it's going to be achieved from a point of rest! Glory! #cebeninzone1
paul Ojediran 10 months
10 for 1. haleluya