BLW Nation to Celebrate 3 Decades of Joy and Testimonies at LoveWorld Archives

Celebrate the BLW Nation's 30 years of impact at the LoveWorld Archives and on KingsChat.

30 years ago, as a student, the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, founded the Believers' LoveWorld, a campus fellowship that would go on to birth "churches, ministry departments, ministry organizations and global impact." This year, at the LoveWorld Archives, the BLW Nation will be celebrating this significant milestone.

In a featured video message from the CEO, Pastor Deola Philips, she calls on citizens of the BLW Nation to visit the LoveWorld Archives Archives and "take a look back at the inceptions of our ministry and at the same time take a forward look at what is yet to come". Pastor Deola goes on to say, "30 years is a significant time in scriptures, because 30 years is a time of transition, of coming into another level." 

It's time to make plans to, not only attend the International Pastors' and Partners' Conference this year, but to be present at the LoveWorld Archives for an experience like no other. The celebrations have already begun; anyone can join in by simply posting a 'thank you' message to Pastor Chris on KingsChat with #BLWCelebrates30Years and #yearyoujoinedblw, with a throwback picture. A sample post could read "Thank you Pastor Chris! #BLWCelebrates30Years #2001."

Join the celebration now, and stay tuned to LoveWorld News as we bring you some of the most interesting pictures from #BLWCelebrates30Years over the coming weeks.

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145352778624 tempavatar 309758447
Pst Jide Owoyemi 9 months
I've been richly blessed...Thanks to our man of God 4d years of building and transformation. #1993
150783236890 tempavatar 567978487
Namugosa Sharon Elizabeth 9 months
Am so grateful for this
Clara Okhiale 9 months
Glory''''''''' thank you Pastor Sir. i am impact
Nondo Terseer 9 months
the impact of God's grace
victoria okeke 9 months
God is indeed gracious and kind...
Pastor Pearl 9 months
I am a partaker.of.this.testimony of glory
Juliet 9 months
Thank you so very much pastor sir for the impacts ❤️️❤️️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️🙌🏽 I celebrate you pastor sir ❤️️❤️️🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️👑👑😇😇😇✨✨⭐️⭐️💥💥🎉🎉
148765966561 tempavatar754097739
Mike Ayuba 9 months
thank you. for your impacts.
Suzan Ofem 9 months
Thanks very much my father and a very big congratulations. God bless you Sir
kenneth nwabueze 9 months
we just started! 30 miliseconds of the gospel! lets go pastor sir!!!
nkem chesa 9 months
Thank You Pastor Chris. i celebrate Blw30Years #2000"
Judith Wemakor 9 months
Thank you my Pastor. I'm telling the world that, you're a good Dad.
Bukelwa Mdleleni 9 months
Praise God
146711023097 tempavatar1890221010
abraham 9 months
Woooooooo. Thank you pastor Chris. An amazing walk with God.
derek light 9 months
wow thank you pastor Sir
Pastor Hobobo Tamara Agbeifa 9 months
Thank you Pastor Christ.
Johnson Lucy 9 months
Thank you Pastor Chris
147309248894 tempavatar1494550059
eliabeth Mooketsi 9 months
thank you pastor Chris, for changing our lives, we love you, sir.
Mervis Kusemererwa 9 months
wow Glory to God, and Thank you so much Sir for being the best shepherd. I love you dearly.
149973687138 tempavatar1978659705
Mandla Masuku 9 months
Glory!! i have posted my pic with joy