BLW President Announces December 2017 to be ‘the Month of Benedictions’!

“Spread the blessings of God,” Pastor Chris instructs as he announces prophetic word for December 2017.

The last Global Communion Service in the Year of Flourishing was one to remember, exceeding all expectations, as the BLW President, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, called saints around the world to blessing-consciousness in a month declared to be that of benedictions.

A benediction, Pastor Chris explained, "is a prayer of blessing, usually not for yourself but for others." This, he said, after reading several examples of benedictions released by the Apostle Paul unto saints in Thessalonica, Ephesus and Galatia, including the popular blessings declared on the Corinthian church: "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen."

"Fill your life with words of blessing, which you pour on others," Pastor Chris admonished the global audience, referencing the month of October in which we were conscious of receiving blessings, but now instructing us to "give blessings!" Brethren around the world received the word with excitement ready to spread the blessings of God throughout the earth.

What does 'the Month of Benedictions' mean to you? Where will you declare God's blessings of peace, grace, hope and more in this special Christmas season? Share in the comments section below!

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osazee ediae 11 months
Glorrryyyy hallelujah wowww, thank you Pastor Sir, leading and guiding us through the Holy Spirit, to bring us the word for the month. Am a blessing to my world, my mouth is filled with so much blessings, and am blessing everyone that comes in contact with me. thank you Pastor Sir I love you so much
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kelechi nkem 11 months
thank You so much Pastor Sir. You are ever so inspiring hearing from you each new day as opportunity calls. The month of benedictions means alot to me. Most importantly, it is an awakening to my ministry of being a blessings to any. Now I am at my responsibility with a new consciousness and awareness knowing that os more blessed to give than to receive. Not only am I cslled to inherit a blessing, I am also called to be a blessing. Glory to God. I love you sir
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NKIRU JOHN 11 months
Thank You so very much Pastor Sir, for this special Word from the Spirit of God.l love You so much Dad.l, m gonna dispense blessings to the people in my World like never before. Gory!
Nduduzo mkhulise 11 months
thank you Pastor sir for this special word from the spirit I can only bless everyone that I come in-contact will because I am a blessing. thank you Pastor I love you
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Evelyn Fanti 11 months
#cesazone4 Thank you Pastor for the word of God. I give blessings to everyone that sounds everyone that o met. They are blessed.
151067798836 tempavatar 184621412
Agu Christian 11 months
Hallelujah, all the nations of the earth are blessed. ewcavz4
kelechi Ilori 11 months
Thank you pastor sir. I will bless others. it's my month of benediction. Glory to God.
Angelina boakye 11 months
John Macandza 11 months
Glory be to God, thank you so much pastor Sir, we are honoured to have you as our man of God, giving us direction. I will bless my family, neighbours, and my nation. Hallelujah
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Ada Chibuife 11 months
Halleluia! I am so grateful to our Man of God. Speaking the right words about others is now a must for me. I would be blessing conscious. Thank you Sir
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Donald Museka 11 months
Glory to God...the month means seedtime for me and I'll cast my bread upon many waters and find
Victoria Mlobeli 11 months
Praise the Lord! From now and onwards, I will pour out the words of blessings, peace and hope to my sphere of contacts as well as people around me. To me this is an instruction from God Himself, therefore, I say "yes Lord" with God's help I will do it. Thank you Pastor for the revelation, I love you and appreciate you Sir.
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Paul Fortune 11 months
Echendu Patience 11 months
awesome blessings
145461815953 tempavatar1737476692
divine kean 11 months
glory yo God,i will bless my world with Gods word this Christmas season
145927287972 tempavatar 1136309092
Michael Ngwenya 11 months
Glory! Hallelujah! Thank you so much Pastor for the Word of the Month, indeed this is my month of Benedictions and this month I offer prayers and Blessings to those in my world
Eddie Terrence Akorhe 11 months
Thank You Sir, I'll do as instructed #Cewz#Ch3#choir
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Allen efienokwu 11 months
Thank you Pastor sir for the word of the month...Benediction. I am spreading blessings this throughout this season of Christmas and beyond. I love dearly sir and, thank you for teaching us the Word.
Bishop Chikancy 11 months
wow thank you Pastor sir