BLW President Announces October 2017 to be 'the Month of Blessings'!

"You're an heir of blessings," Pastor says, ushering multitudes into God's plan for October 2017.

With many inspiring scriptures, the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, lifted the global congregation at the just-concluded Global Communion Service into a new season of flourishing. The much-anticipated prophetic utterance that would open the month, and indeed, usher the brethren into the final quarter of the year came with great power.

Pastor Chris began by assuring participants around the world that springtime continues, before announcing a new dispensation of blessings throughout the BLW Nation. "You are changing things like never before; it’s a time of growth," he said, dubbing October 2017 'the Month of Blessings'! The man of God further defined 'blessing', in order to help the saints' vision as "that which confers, invokes, authorizes or shares prosperity, power, ability and welfare (contented state of being happy, healthy and successful)."

Testimonies are sure to spring forth on every side this month. By the Spirit, Pastor Chris instructed the global congregation to "be blessing-conscious," encouraging us to "talk blessings everywhere and at every time!" It's not a season to worry or a time to fret; it's a time to see and enjoy the goodness of the Lord that fills the earth.

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Jioke Ambrose over 1 year
Amen I lambano (receive) all the prophetic word it is mine always and absolutely nothing will stop it.
mighty klem over 1 year
Ramesh over 1 year
Amen. This is my month of Blessings in every area of my life. I am a Blessing Concious. My Spring Time Continues. I am a heir of Blessing in the Name of Jesus Christ.
147578107606 tempavatar 1183734130
michael oliseh over 1 year
am blessed
144408230416 tempavatar502948367
Micarla Warrington over 1 year
I am blessed. The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places.Yeah..I have a goodly heritage
155707724928 tempavatar1181181499
Musodiq Bolanle over 1 year
Fredenella Emelia Essinam B over 1 year
The GCS was AWSOME and Splendid
Fredenella Emelia Essinam B over 1 year
Global Communion Service was awsome