BLW President Announces the Word for a Special ‘Month of Favor’ this May

“God is saying, ‘look beyond your ability, look beyond whether or not you qualified’!” — Pastor Chris

“Favor means that God does something for you — blesses you — even when you don’t seem to deserve it,” the BLW President said to a global audience after glorious celebration at the announcement of May 2018 as ‘the Month of Favor’!

The man of God, Pastor Chris, sharing the word of the Spirit for the month.

The man of God, Pastor Chris, followed up by unraveling the Spirit’s heart concerning the month with esteemed panelists, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome, Pastor Lawrence Ajiboye, Pastor Freedom-Wealth Eriya and Pastor Andrew Motunduro. “Meditate on it until everywhere you go, all you see, all you hear is favor,” Pastor Ose admonished the congregation, after describing the month as one of “extensive kindness, excessive demonstration of the love of God.”

The panel discussing God's Word for saints all around the world.

Pastor Andrew encouraged to walk in humility in this month. “It’s time to favor me,” Pastor Lawrence continued, being backed up by Pastor Freedom who emphasized, using Psalm 102:13, the timing of God in favor. “You don’t achieve favor; it means that something is being done for you, being given to you; you’re being given an advantage in spite of your faults, your imperfections,” the BLW President added.

The esteemed Pastor Ose Oyakhilome describes it as a month of excessive kindness.

What a month! Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates from the ongoing Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris.

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silas okeke 9 months
Glory to God my set time is here now, hallelujah
150940622696 tempavatar243164827
ngo song marguerite danielle 9 months
GLORY Glory Glory my set time has come 10 in one my month of FAVOUR DIVINE FAVOUR HALLELUJAH
Chrisma Asa 9 months
Praise God. Thank You Pastor Sir. I am the Favorite my dearest most highly Favoured Man of God Sir. I love You Pastor Sir.
Aijay Wilton 9 months
favour everywhere for me! Glory!!!
152692643397 tempavatar1202103774
Wemi doumo 9 months
thank you pastor sir
152692643397 tempavatar1202103774
Wemi doumo 9 months
Glory to God i have obtained favour in set of God. Hallelujah there is favour for me
Zoe K-S 9 months
favor is working for me mightily
152509006220 tempavatar 1597134942
Emmanuel Sinyinza 9 months
I'm highly favoured and supernatural growth
Nwabisa Bota 9 months
Favour everywhere.Halleluya
Nwabisa Bota 9 months
Amen! Thank you pastor for sharing the word with us
Nkosiphendule 9 months
I'm highly favoured in the MonthOf Favour. This is my set time tofavour Nkosiphendule in Jesus'Name
151480491047 file2351
Joseph Mukiraine 9 months
Thank you so much Holy Spirit for this great favour and advantage.
Ekene Enechukwu 9 months
Gloryyyy! it's my month of Favour.
pastor Azi Izang 9 months
Glorrrry is my time to shine. thank you lord. thank you pastor for your guidance.
maud palm 9 months
Hallelujah! Thank you Lord, for I am favoured on every side every day of the month of May and beyond.
150685560575 tempavatar944011160
osazee ediae 9 months
Glorrryyyy hallelujah wowww, what a month of favour I am favor all the way this month in Jesus Name Amen.
Amador Serneo 9 months
Glory to God I receive all the blessings and this is my set time of 10 for 1 that I desire in every area of my life.favor is upon me wherever I go whatever I do the glory of God is upon me.Hallelujah!
Than I 9 months
thank you sir, favour is upon me hallelujah
Sandra Hayes 9 months
I receive that with thanks unto Almighty God.
153380169167 tempavatar1547267024
Anthony Donny Oniya 9 months
Glory to God! it's my month of favor, indeed all I see, hear, and perceive is favor... Hallelujah