BLW President Announces the Word for a Special ‘Month of Favor’ this May

“God is saying, ‘look beyond your ability, look beyond whether or not you qualified’!” — Pastor Chris

“Favor means that God does something for you — blesses you — even when you don’t seem to deserve it,” the BLW President said to a global audience after glorious celebration at the announcement of May 2018 as ‘the Month of Favor’!

The man of God, Pastor Chris, sharing the word of the Spirit for the month.

The man of God, Pastor Chris, followed up by unraveling the Spirit’s heart concerning the month with esteemed panelists, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome, Pastor Lawrence Ajiboye, Pastor Freedom-Wealth Eriya and Pastor Andrew Motunduro. “Meditate on it until everywhere you go, all you see, all you hear is favor,” Pastor Ose admonished the congregation, after describing the month as one of “extensive kindness, excessive demonstration of the love of God.”

The panel discussing God's Word for saints all around the world.

Pastor Andrew encouraged to walk in humility in this month. “It’s time to favor me,” Pastor Lawrence continued, being backed up by Pastor Freedom who emphasized, using Psalm 102:13, the timing of God in favor. “You don’t achieve favor; it means that something is being done for you, being given to you; you’re being given an advantage in spite of your faults, your imperfections,” the BLW President added.

The esteemed Pastor Ose Oyakhilome describes it as a month of excessive kindness.

What a month! Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates from the ongoing Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris.

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144446065164 tempavatar 2119099938
Pastor Perlie Mailula 21 days
Its my month of Favour 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Thank You Pastor Sir
145978079031 fb img 1459596116334
Glory!!! #CRVZ
151785974708 tempavatar2042881218
Ifunanya C. Ani 21 days
Glorrrrrrry. I am favoured of all men and circumstances
Victor Oaikhena 21 days
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
144433427874 tempavatar 1123868847
Emmanuel A Oyetunde 21 days
May 2018 My month of favour, khabahyaaa! Thank You Sweet Precious Holy Spirit!
Thebe Daniel Selemela 22 days
Favor of God is upon me. GLORY TO ALMIGHTY GOD.
Okoro Harmony 22 days
favour! !!!!!!!!. thank you pastor sir
Joshua opoku kyeremeh 22 days
favour favour favour gloryyyyyy
Elizabeth Assokpa 22 days
waoooo praise the Lord for this month of favor
Elizabeth Assokpa 22 days
waooo praise God for this month of favor
Benjamin Oluwatoyin 22 days
Hallelujah!!! I'm a Dispenser Of Favour...
Idahosa Ebenezer 22 days
blessed be God for this my month of favour
151906941809 tempavatar477631710
christiana heil 22 days
I know because I have been experiencing Favour , thank my father Rev chris sir
Annie Ibifubara Ida 22 days
For me it has being the month of Favor right from the 1st day of the month of May till date. Thanks so much Pastor for the word for the now.
145131562991 tempavatar 292336533
Ehiosu Evbenaye 22 days
Favour everyday for me in this month. It's my month of special favour.
Adesina George 22 days
Praise God, is my month Favour, Everywhere i go am full favour. Pastor, Thank so much Sir
152226906991 tempavatar720413107
Thandi Tisane 22 days
Hallelujah month of favour