"Can I Help a Friend by Telling Him Answers in an Exam?" — Pastor Chris Answers

Pastor Chris answers, "can I help a friend by telling him answers in an examination?"

One of the many exciting features of the Global Communion Services with Pastor Chris remains the Question and Answer segment, through which many have received insight from God's Word into His will, purposes and ideas pertaining to many everyday issues, questions and interests.

The featured video contains an excerpted portion of yesterday's Q&A session as Pastor Chris responds to the question, "can I help a friend by telling him answers in an examination?" With the support of the esteemed BLW Secretary-General, Pastor Kayode Adesina, and co-panelists with the man of God, Pastor Deola Phillips and Pastor Biodun Lawal, the light of God's Word was shone on the question.

"The examination is intended to find out whether you understood what you were taught and whether you can retain it," Pastor Chris begins in the clip above, concluding by saying, "you’re going to help him pass his exam, but you’ll help him fail in life." Watch the video for more.

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Bash Orie 15 days
Thank you Pastor Sir! Wonderful!
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Njock Georgette Tanyinya 17 days
thanks man of God 4 that knowledge
Amadike john 18 days
revelation knowledge. glory
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Pst Obong Ime 19 days
very true Sir!
Eugene Eigbe 20 days
very wise answer, I appreciate that sir.
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Naa_Zoë 21 days
Thank you very much Sir
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T Champion 21 days
Thank you, Pastor, Sir, for the wisdom.
Joyce Ncube 21 days
Thank you Sir we operating with higher levels of rules
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emeka okorie 21 days
great answer. thank you my mentor
Chrisma Asa 22 days
Thank You Pastor Sir.
taiye Daniel 22 days
Thank you pastor sir,
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Benebo Elizabeth 22 days
Thank you so much Sir. #cephzone 2
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Benebo Elizabeth 22 days
I heard this some years back and it kept me through out my days I school
stephen Godfrey 22 days
Thank you pastor for the wisdom you shear. l love you so much.
Princewill Ohaekwe 22 days
yes Pastor. the menace is destroying our society and educational system. thank you Sir for this timely insight.
Abegunde Sunday 22 days
thank be to God.
Onyeoma 22 days
Wisdom drips from your lips sir. Thank you for the Q&A segment
olanrewaju oyetunji 22 days
Thank You The Good Man of God Sir, no one will fail in life in the future because of me. I don't try to help anyone beat the system.
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Chipo Mazonde 23 days
Thank you so much sir.
Norah Veremu 23 days
Thank you Pastor #cesazone5