Canada Day Celebrated with the Messenger Angel and Salvation of Souls

Christ Embassy Canada takes advantage of National Day to distribute tens of thousands of the Messenger Angel.

On July 1st, Christ Embassy Churches in the Canada Region celebrated Canada Day with a difference by distributing tens of thousands in copies of the Messenger Angel, the Rhapsody of Realities. 

Brethren flood the streets in joyous parade with the Messenger Angel.

During the annual ReachOut Canada (ROCAN) campaign, led by the highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Reverend Ken Oyakhilome, the brethren flooded the streets dressed in the national colors of red and white. Thousands of people received free copies of the Rhapsody of Realities with joy and gladness, grateful to the man of God, Pastor Chris, for making the Word of God available to the nation.

The highly esteemed Regional Pastor in Canada Day colors.

Heaven rejoiced as the brethren led many in the prayer of salvation after giving them copies of the Messenger Angel. The celebrations continue as BLW citizens and partners distribute many more thousands of free copies of Rhapsody of Realities throughout the month of July in all 13 provinces and territories of Canada. 

A partner prays with recipients of the Messenger Angel.

Experience highlights of ReachOut Canada 2018 in the photo gallery below.

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PSO 8 months
Glory to God...
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Naa_Zoë 8 months
Praise God forever more!
Victoria Mlobeli 8 months
Praise the Lord! Thank you Sir. #cesazone2pretoriagroup
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chikanwobodo 8 months
maranatha el 8 months
This is colorful and all excellent to the glory of our great God and blessed Savior The Lord Jesus Christ. God bless the Nation of Canada. God bless Pastor Ken whose horn is as the Unicorn. God bless Pastor Chris!
Simao Faith 8 months
Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus
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Prince Amos 8 months
Canada is for Christ Jesus. Glory Hallelujah.
olanrewaju oyetunji 8 months
very Highly Esteemed Rev. Ken sir and all CE Canada leaders and partners, you are God's witness, The witness of His grace; The witness of His Love; The witness of His righteousness, that's who you are.
Dcn Johnpaul 8 months
Taking Canada for Jesus, glorrryyyyy