CE Warri Ministry Center Hosts Food Drive for Indigent Families in Inner Cities

Partners of InnerCity Mission reach most vulnerable families in inner cities with supply for their lack. 

Christ Embassy Warri Ministry Center organized a Food Drive to combat hunger among indigent children and families in the inner city communities and to enrich the InnerCity Mission’s Food bank with supplies.

The young ones were also eager to help.

The highly esteemed Regional Pastor, Evang. (Dr.) Eddy Owase, and partners of the InnerCity Mission came out to show their commitment to the project, sparing nothing as they brought responded with large quantities of food items, beverages and more to the needs of those who have little.

Some food supplies delivered by CE Warri Ministry Center partners.

Addressing the press, the highly esteemed Evang. Eddy stated that the InnerCity Mission for Children Food Drive is a campaign to stamp out hunger in the country, explaining that the program is focused on the most vulnerable children and families in the inner city communities.

The highly esteemed Regional Pastor addresses those present.

Through the unfettered benevolence of the brethren, many will experience the outstretched arm of Christ in their circumstances, leading them to accepting the salvation He brought.

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Raphael Keno 7 months
Glory to God! Pastor we love you we are alive
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carine zoe 8 months
Thank you Father ❤
144448276707 tempavatar 163529668
Aderonke Motoni 8 months
Joyce Ncube 8 months
Glory to God
147971860529 tempavatar878285458
Vera Dizigbordi Abielekpor 8 months
150778052548 tempavatar 1611231732
Peter Preye 8 months
Adaobi Ereku 8 months
wow! glory to God! thank you esteemed Evang Dr Eddy Owase and the Inner City missions Partners
144758013785 tempavatar725324747
chris maro 8 months
Glory. God bless you al for the show of love.
AbePeters 8 months
Down in my heart there is the nature of the father❤
153531491874 tempavatar1887385988
Gentle Eyisi 8 months
More grace for more of this Sir!
Obadare Olanike 8 months
Awesome! Glory be to Glory!
Kenneth Nwabueze 8 months
this is exactly who we are! glorrrry!!!!
Ogwu Douglas 8 months
glory to God......