Christian Health Workers Motivated to Deliver Hope and Care to the World

Pastor Deola Phillips charges Christian medics to deliver the Gospel through their profession.

The 2017 edition of the Volunteer Medical Corps (VMC) Online Conference was an auspicious moment for Christian medics from all over the world. Logged in were medical professionals and students across different cadres and from different nations all over the world.

Pastor Jumoke Akisanya addresses the global audience.

It was an exciting and inspiring time as several volunteers from India, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and the United States of America, shared their passion with reports on the exploits they have achieved in their various nations through the VMC. Truly, members of the VMC are making a difference in the world, with their faith and professions; in the words of one of the panelists, Pastor Emeka Eze, "medicine is a gift that must be shared with the world."

Inspiring panel discussion on the role of Christian health workers in the world.

Commenting on some of the reports, Margaret James from Canada said, "Thank you for the testimony; I am a nurse in Canada, and I am so inspired to do more and more. I am an answer, a solution to the suffering world. We are a gift to the world." Following the impact reports, those logged in online were provided insight on how to get involved. Many were moved by an exceptional music rendition that followed; Priscilla Maposa from Zimbabwe said: "I love the music. I think after being a nurse for almost 10 years now, I have never heard such a beautiful song. I join the chorus: I want to spend my life mending broken people, I want to. I am very glad to be a member of VMC."

The esteemed Executive Director of the VMC, Pastor Deola Phillips, giving a keynote address.

The conference climaxed with a special, rousing keynote address from the BLW CEO and Executive Director of the VMC, Pastor Deola Phillips. She thanked volunteers for making a difference in the health and wellbeing of the peoples of the world. She described the Christian worker as God’s center of operations for the communication and delivery of the Gospel through vehicles in the health profession. Pastor Deola also admonished them, saying “your mandate is to bring hope and care through the discharge of your service in the various vehicles available to you as a health provider.”

Dr. Shane Maharaj joins the conference from South Africa.

The highly esteemed Executive Director also charged participants to prepare for more impact in 2018: "Looking ahead; there are more grounds to cover, but one thing is certain, we are energized for greater success. God has raised us for this; it is our time, and we will fulfill our calling as Christian Health Workers."

Debra Smith participates from Arizona, USA.

Truly, it’s been a time of blessing and elevation, and members of the VMC will never be the same again! You can be a part of the laudable work of the Volunteer Medical Corp today. Sign up now @

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prince zoragan 12 months
massive impact.. taking God's divine presence to d people of the world
Keresi Finiasi 12 months
We are making a difference in our World
Keresi Finiasi 12 months
Trully amazing. We are making a difference in our Lord
Joyce Nwoke 12 months
thank you Pastor Dee Ma for the impact you are making around the world with the great deposit inside u. Well done Ma.
Joyce Nwoke 12 months
wao ! wao! wao!!! thank you so much Pastor Sir for this great work and impact
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Tamunoibim Igwe 12 months
Excellent work
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thank you Pastor Sir
Chris ngwoke 12 months
amazing Grace
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#cesazone4 Glory to God Amen.