Christ’s Love Preached by Karen Victor Brings 72,000 to Salvation in Pakistan

Pastor Karen declares Pakistan a Christian nation before thousands, inspiring ministers and winning souls.

Last week, Pastor Karen Victor visited Pakistan, ministering the Word of God in power at multiple programs, declaring with boldness that Pakistan is a Christian nation and it belongs to Christ. 

Hands lifted as thousands listen to the BLW message preached and taught.

Two Pastoral training conferences were held in the city of Lahore, where Pastor Karen communicated principles embedded in the Word of God about the nature and origin of the believer in Christ. Christ Embassy Global also hosted a luncheon for a key network of Senior Pastors in Pakistan. 

Pastor Karen (with her translator) sharing God's Word with boldness.

On Wednesday evening Pastor Karen ministered at Pastor Anwar (of Isaac TV)’s midweek healing meeting with approximately 32,000 people publicly praying the prayer of salvation and making Jesus their Lord. The Word of God prevailed further with an excess of 400 recorded testimonies. Isaac TV also hosted a special broadcast through which Pastor Karen ministered the love of Jesus to viewers in almost 200 countries and territories. 

Section of the crowd at the Prayer Festival in Mian Channu.

The highlight of the week was the Prayer Festival in Mian Channu. As a heavy fog drifted across the vast crowds, many miracles were wrought and testified to, while more than 40,000 received Christ. Experience highlights in the featured video, and remember to spread the good news of Christ's saving power by sharing this post.

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147634828310 tempavatar 1349081913
Tamunoibim Igwe 12 months
Thank You Jesus for the quick work of salvation all over the world. Praise the Lord
144735612709 tempavatar 1663454520
Matthew Awoyemi 12 months
Awesome!! Thanks u so much pastor ma for your love and passion for the gospel and for the ministry. More grace in your life .
Bro Okwudili Ikeh 12 months
hallelujah! I love Jesus Christ! In deed at the mention of His name, every knee must bow! glory be God
karen 12 months
may the Name of Lord be glorified forever and ever
Kenneth Nwabueze 12 months
i love jesus! jesus i love you! no mistakes!!!
Felix Brown 12 months
Glory to God! Jesus Christ is the only name for true salvation. #Flourishing#Significant attainments
146034896003 tempavatar1375225597
Loise Mosime 12 months
Awesome what an inspiration Thank you Pastor Karen
146034896003 tempavatar1375225597
Loise Mosime 12 months
so mightily grew the word in Pakistan and prevailed. Thank you Lord for your manifestation
Oluwafemi Olumurewa 12 months
wow! Amazing testimony! Thank You Jesus! Thank you Pastor Karen for your passion & boldness & for inspiring us!
Alankamani 12 months
Bukelwa Mdleleni 12 months
Praise God
147949156970 tempavatar 994096723
Jones Mwalwimba 12 months
Hallelujah, glory be to God
145352778624 tempavatar 309758447
Pst Jide Owoyemi 12 months
Praise God! This is awesome
Godgift Obindah 12 months
Amazing oh glory oh glory oh the Word the spreading it's spreading every where oh woh
Godgift Obindah 12 months
149973687138 tempavatar1978659705
Mandla Masuku 12 months
glory to God
karen 12 months
Pakistan for Jesus
Simeon k. adiabo 12 months
Glory be to God
maud palm 12 months
Glory yyyyyy! The word is active, operative and effective.
151026572748 tempavatar 1924117943
Gboko Gideon 12 months