City of Lomé Experiences an Outpouring of Miracles, the Salvation of 1,260 Souls

Paralysis, blindness, fibroids, other ailments healed at 'Unforgettable Experience Togo'.

'Unforgettable Experience Togo' with the esteemed BLW CEC Member and Pastor of the EWCA Region, Pastor Ambrose Isesele, lived up to its name in all ramifications, leaving an indelible impression on the soul of the nation. 

Special dance ministration during the program.

For several days leading up to the program, the streets of Lome, Togo, were abuzz with several carnivals and street storms, announcing the imminent life-transforming event. The Omnisport Stadium filled up quickly as thousands thronged the venue in perfect atmospheric conditions, just like the brethren prayed for.

Pastor Ambrose leads 1,260 new converts to Christ.

As Pastor Ambrose ministered, faith rose up in the people's hearts, delivering to them their miracles of healing and salvation. Paralysis, cataracts, blindness, fibroids, fractures, asthma and goiters became by-lines of inspiring testimonies of God's healing power. The unveiling of God's Word on the true meaning of Christianity caused 1,260 people to rush to the altar, surrendering their lives to Jesus once and for all.

The Regional Pastor ministers in the power of the Spirit to a testifier.

Globally renowned music ministers, Deacon Ralph, Ada, Eben and the award-winning duo, Jive Angels, blessed the congregation with spectacular ministrations. New converts received copies of the Rhapsody Bible, 'Now That You Are Born Again' and the #1 daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities.

The people celebrate the goodness of God as Eben ministers. 

The harvest continues to pour in, evidenced in the attendance of many new converts at the next Sunday Service. It was an event that is sure to extend its impact beyond Togo to other French-speaking West African nations.

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Joyce Ncube about 1 year
wow wow wow
Ken-Uba Victor about 1 year
I love this!
Florah Mukurazhizha about 1 year
God is wonderful! #cesazone5
Ngozi Uzowulu about 1 year
Hallelujah! #CEPHZONE2
149728471354 tempavatar 83789754
it was awesome glory to Jesus.
Ed@ceglenview about 1 year
Glory to Jesus
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Evelyn Fanti about 1 year
#ceaazone4 Glory to be unto God
kubam margaret about 1 year
what a glorious moment God.
145410771635 tempavatar1419872145
PATRICK OTA about 1 year
Glory to God. Togo is totally for Jesus!
147488800724 tempavatar1815298366
wisdom TCHABRE about 1 year
De gloire en gloire
150685560575 tempavatar944011160
osazee ediae about 1 year
what then can we nw say, if God be for who can be against us, BLW spanning into all the world harvesting souls like never before indeed this is our yr of flourishing and we flourishing with souls. Praise and thank to God Almighty who thru the Holy Spirit doing wonderful works our man of God Pastor Chris, pastor I love u. thank u so much pastor ambrose sir for the gray work u doing in Togo God indeed will reward mightily in Jesus Name Amen.🙌 Glorrryyyy hallelujah wowww
Prince Emmanuel Eshun about 1 year
Godwill Chukwu about 1 year
We are Flourishing on every side. ..the Lord is with us...there's no stopping
151127317275 tempavatar1973917871
Zion M. Medjigbodo about 1 year
Glory to God forevermore! the Lord is building Jerusalem.. We marching on..! #CeBeninRep
144814488099 tempavatar 1352554756
Israel Gaké about 1 year
Glorious 😍
LASSEY Théophile about 1 year
Glory to God. The church is marching on
ametowukodzo about 1 year
145256824189 tempavatar 77801268
Thank you dear esteemed Pastor Ambrose sir for your love..
Amadike john about 1 year
Great is your name forever
Charles Abotsi Jr about 1 year
Great is our Lord Jesus christ