CountUp to the Rhapsody of Realities 24-Hour Online Prayer Conference

Rhapsody partners to change lives, cities and nations through novel 24-hour prayer conference.

The first Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference, which held on the 4th of November last year, was historic and unprecedented as over seven hundred thousand partners gathered online to pray and make tremendous power available. People participated around the globe through live streaming on various social media platforms, and the response was phenomenal.

Several ministers led the power-packed prayer sessions, and afterward prayed for all those who had sent in prayer requests. They declared mighty words of power, prophesying and commanding negative situations to change, and so many people received miracles.

Many around the world are set to participate in the 2017 Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference, a first-of-its-kind 24-hour prayer conference, which is scheduled to hold on Friday, November 3rd from 6pm (GMT+1) till 6pm the following day.

Attending this conference requires preparation, first of which is registration. It’s quick and easy and can be done at Upon completion of your registration, you’ll be able to submit prayer requests, get exciting daily pre-conference updates, share your expectations and watch exciting videos.

This divine date with destiny promises to transform lives, families, cities and nations in all time zones.

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Bekombo Maka dorette christiane 11 months
Gloire à Dieu
144529340355 tempavatar 1438245142
Clerence Kauraere 12 months
What a Glorious time in the Presence of God!!!!!
148615242679 tempavatar 604291694
Bisram Duth 12 months
I'm expected
Onyeoma 12 months
history is set to be made
149775843769 tempavatar 1888187576
Sharon Raganya 12 months
145461815953 tempavatar1737476692
divine kean 12 months
151549749131 tempavatar1494884185
Evelyn Fanti 12 months
#cesazone4 Glory to God. The world belongs to JESUS. We are Spreading the word of God and kingdom heaven.
145132893566 tempavatar670311330
Pst Godwins Echejoh 12 months
life changing realm
akporhuarho sunday 12 months
I receive every answers in Jesus name. This is glorious.
Ine Richards 12 months
I am ready
Pastor Chidi Ezimako 12 months
I am expectant
Chinasa Regina Alex 12 months
That's good. Am ready!
Pastor Siji 12 months
Am expectant
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Ophelia Foli 12 months
glory to God. I'm ready!
150633969397 tempavatar1951916809
Amadike John 12 months
Sume Nelson 12 months
is going to be glorious
Sume Nelson 12 months
is going to impactful,powerful and glorious