Diseases and Infirmities Bow to the Name of Jesus as Pastor Chris Ministers

Cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, other infirmities healed by the power of God at the Healing School.

The atmosphere was electrified with the power of God as the man of God, Pastor Chris, entered the auditorium during the healing service that held on Sunday, August 26th.  

A tangible presence of the Spirit of God to heal the sick accompanies the man of God.

The presence of God was tangible, and the congregants stood in awe of the manifestation of the Spirit evident in the healing of the sick. Loud cheers, dancing and jumping characterized the moments as thousands of students rejoiced for their miracles, doing what they could not do before.

A student celebrates her healing after the man of God ministers to her.

Cancers, heart diseases, peptic ulcers, diabetes, infertility, infectious diseases and blood conditions bowed to the blessed name of Jesus Christ!

Woman gets up from her stretcher, healed by the power of God.

Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more updates from the second healing service of the August session with Pastor Chris.

Wheelchair abandoned as the healing power of God overwhelms all infirmity.

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Israel oloche 23 days
God is awesome
Egbo Trevor Osas 23 days
Hallelujah. thank God for the ministry of pastor Chris and am happy to be
147848711345 tempavatar 1201015307
Excellence Imuwahen 25 days
Hallelujah 🙌🏽
148329083451 tempavatar 1200349625
susan omorodion 26 days
Heaven Father l Bless your Name.
Godwin 26 days
sickness bow at the name, Jesus. it is powerful. he is the Lord of all
153225561181 tempavatar 602863027
Winston Ofori 26 days
Sweet Holy Spirit thank you
Nwaeze Augustine Chinemere 26 days
Hallelujah, thank you Lord JESUS CHRIST. I know my healing is secured and am free of HIV. AMEN
Clinton Favour 27 days
Jesus is awesome!
Nana Dawa Aggrey 27 days
saint barbara 27 days
iosub Liliana7@yahoo.com 27 days
Fericit Dumnezeu familia ajute toate oamenii fericiți Domnul sa va binecuvinteze toate zilele Nou Biserica Tu Vieții Regele Prietenii Frumos binecuvinteze meu adevărat bine Amin Mulțumesc
150712702634 tempavatar2135495138
Donald Museka 27 days
Blessed be God!
Pastor Austin Aimiokun 27 days
praise God forevermore
144477827887 tempavatar1727304721
Pastor Samson Dimowo 27 days
Glory hallelujah
Felix Utubor 27 days
Praise God. Our God Reigns. He Reigns over all Our Situations.