Easter Youth Camp Delegate Gains Dominion, Averts Plane Crash on Return Trip

Racheal from Niger takes dominion on return flight from Youth Camp with Pastor Chris, averting plane crash.

On her flight back to Niger Republic after the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris, Sister Racheal Ali Moussa was met with sudden crisis as the plane lost control, threatening the lives of hundreds on board. According to the message of the Spirit for last month and this, she took dominion, exercising divine influence and delivering everyone on board safely to destination. Read her testimony below:

"This is my testimony of the efficacy of God's Word and how a great tragedy was averted on my way back to my country after the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris. After a couple of hours in the air, on our direct plane to Niger Republic from Ethiopia, the pilot lost control of the flight, and the plane tossed us in all directions. Despite the struggle of the pilot to bring back the plane to control and the efforts of the flight attendants to calm us all down, everything proved that a plane crash was imminent.

The Spirit of Dominion took a hold of me, and suddenly, I started proclaiming words of faith as our man of God, Pastor Chris, taught us. After several minutes of faith proclamations in the midst of all panic, the Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me and said, "My daughter, because you are in this plane, everything will be alright. Be still, for I am here with you." Comforted by these words, I sang a song and stayed calm to see and testify of the wonders and goodness of God, my Heavenly Father. 

To the glory of God, shortly after, we had an emergency landing in Kano Airport in Nigeria, where we were informed that the plane lacked fuel in the air. Thank you Pastor Chris for teaching me to declare Faith Proclamations!"

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Teneal (Champion) 4 months
Amen. Glory to God. #whoweare
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Gentle Eyisi 5 months
Glory! Hallelujah!!
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Isiayei Amietimi 9 months
Awesome! I am alive! Glory to God.
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Olubunmi Sunday 9 months
What a testimony! Glory to God!
Victoria Mlobeli 9 months
Wow! Jesus is wonderful. Glory to God forever. Amen! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
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Mabel Owusu-Bediako 9 months
Glory to God
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Precious Nsongurua 9 months
Wow! God is awesome.
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Pastor Fátima Sualé 9 months
Wow... Gloryyyyy to God... Our God is awesome....✨😊🙏🏼😊✨ Thank You Father🙏🏼✨
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Evang Excellent 9 months
Sume Nelson 9 months
the word of God works
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Mopa Sooro 9 months
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Thelma Philip 9 months
Glory to God
Lawrentine Eta 9 months
Glory to God the word of God works
Alice Alabere 9 months
Glorrry to God
Pastor Chike Ume 9 months
The Word works! glory to God!
Muco Blanche Marilyne 9 months
hallelluujjaahh glory to GoD !!! wow what an amazing story !! woooww
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Benjamina Mbah Acha 9 months
hallelujah! Glorrryyy!!!
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King Roland Ebegbe 9 months
what an amazing testimony. God bless you