Edo State Governor and Cabinet Join New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris

State Governor joins 25,000 people in New Year’s Eve Service at LoveWorld Crusade Grounds, Benin.

Over 25,000 people journeyed from across Edo State to attend the New Year's Eve Service with Pastor Chris from the viewing center located at the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds, Benin. Eager to receive the prophetic declaration that has resulted in uncommon accomplishments for attendees in prior years, the Governor of the State with his wife and cabinet members could not miss the historic event.

Cross-section of participants at the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds.

There was celebration throughout the auditorium as brethren and invited guests sang and rejoiced, anticipating the arrival of the BLW President and declaration of 'thus saith the Lord' for the year. None of these expectations were cut short when 2018 was announced to be 'the Year of the Supernatural'.

The esteemed Zonal Pastor paying rapt attention to the word.

The Governor, his wife and cabinet members, as seen in the featured video, were quick to congratulate everyone around them. The same word that has been pivotal to many successes and fueled effectiveness in life and ministry for many had come to reside in Edo State, from the civil head to the lowest, guaranteeing a glorious year for the state.

The Governor, his wife, other dignitaries and congregants receive the word for the year with joy.

Watch the Governor and thousands in the congregation receive the word of the year in the featured video. Remember to like, share and post your comments in the section below.

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147741811736 tempavatar1003093482
michael odey about 1 year
It's my year of the supernatural. Thank you pastor
saint barbara about 1 year
Glory to God.
Stanley Okotie about 1 year
Thank you Pastor Chris sir for leading us in the right direction #CeBeninZone1
Pastor Moses about 1 year
yes my year for the supernatural. thank you Pastor chris sir
Eke Oluwayomi Uhunoma about 1 year
The SUPERNATURAL is here; more amazing happenings yet!
151549749131 tempavatar1494884185
Evelyn Fanti about 1 year
#cesazone4 Whoou what a great SERVICE wiþh our FATHER giving us te word for2018
147971860529 tempavatar878285458
Vera Dizigbordi Abielekpor about 1 year
144449390094 tempavatar1694769220
Pst Juliet Wealth-Sakal about 1 year
2018 is the year of the supernatural ... surplus in CE BENIN ZONE1
144449390094 tempavatar1694769220
Pst Juliet Wealth-Sakal about 1 year
This is 10yrs in 1yrs ... glory!