“Faith Never Struggles; Faith RESTS!” — Pastor Benny Hinn from #HLT2018

Pastor Benny Hinn unveils 7 keys for an effective prayer life — prayer that moves mountains.

After a session of worship, led by LMAM artistes, Sophiya and Martin PK, the BLW President mounted the LIVE studio stage to introduce Pastor Benny Hinn, who ministered on ‘Prayer that Moves Mountains’ to millions participating from around the world.

With each point, Pastor Benny lit a fire and stirred a desire for greater and more productive fellowship with the Father in the hearts of Holy Land Tour delegates and global congregation. “It is impossible to have divine communion and human communion at the same time,” he said as he gave the first point, admonishing the brethren to “shut the door” and eliminate distraction during prayers.

In the course of explaining each of the seven important points, Pastor Benny shared with the secret to longevity in God with the delegates, saying “Build a reservoir of God’s Word in your heart, so when the devil attacks, you know where to go!”

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Aizobua james 7 months
Charis Patsy Akpovi 8 months
Anastasia Wemambu 8 months
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Amaral Nzewi 8 months
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Amaral Nzewi 8 months
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Chibuzo Nwankwo 8 months
'It's impossible to have divine communion and human communion at the same time'. Wow!
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ekhosuehe Matthew 8 months
Wisani Khosa 8 months
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eliabeth mooketsi 8 months
Amen, thank you pastor Sir.
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Pastor Eddie Moyo #blwZimbabweZone 8 months
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Evang Excellent 8 months
Blessed be God!
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nana yaw kesse 8 months
Great truths indeed
Murtilene Davies 8 months
Thank you both Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny It was an awesome service built will the full impact from above my spirit was so blessed. Thank you men of God
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Tatenda Mahubaba 8 months
Glory to God
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yes SIR! Thank you pastor.
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Joy Amadin 8 months
Glory to God! I was blessed
Abegunde Sunday 8 months
thank you pastor for the insight.