Female Students, Teachers Empowered with the Word on Int’l Day of the Girl-Child

CE Palmgrove Teens Church gathers female teachers & students from 5 secondary schools, leads 94 to Christ.

Christ Embassy Palmgrove Teens Church partnered with reputable non-profit organizations and the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum to host a seminar for female students in commemoration of the International Day of the Girl-Child on Thursday, October 11th. 

Cross-section of young girls listening with rapt attention.

The event witnessed the attendance of female students and female teachers from 5 secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria, creating a platform for the discussion of Girls & Education (“Education as a Tool of Empowerment for Girls”), as well as Girls & Relationships.

Attendees receiving inspiring words from a speaker at the event.

The event had a special segment where the Word of God was preached in power by the Teens' Coordinator for Palmgrove Teens Church, Sister Ogonna Onuh, sharing on the Word as a tool for empowerment. The Word came in its simplicity and power to all students and teachers present, resulting in 94 new converts to the Kingdom of God. 

Speakers empowering young female students and teachers.

The International Day of the Girl-Child is a day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate the girl-child, her unique opportunities and challenges. Globally, on October 11th, girls around the world are recognized and celebrated for their outstanding performances and contributions to society and mankind.

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Joyce Ncube 5 months
Glory to God
Ejiro Akposheri 5 months
Hallelujah! Glory to God.
saint barbara 5 months
Glory to God
Pastor Exponent 5 months
Yeah... Catching them young!
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Daniel Joseph 5 months
Glory to God. We're building our world with the word of God.