First Healing Service: An August Convention for The Miraculous

Debilitating ailments exchanged for wholeness as Pastor Chris ministered at first service of the 2019, Healing School Summer Session Canada.

Sunday, the 25th of August, was a remarkable day in history as the first healing service of the 2019 Healing School Summer Session celebrated the beauty and glory of the Lord.

Healing School sessions are seasons of mercy and grace where the manifest presence of God’s Spirit results in transformed lives. Thousands from far and wide have witnessed the compassionate love of Christ towards mankind through their unique encounters with the man of God, Pastor Chris, at the Healing School.

With heightened expectations, the students eagerly awaited that special hour of visitation when the man of God will step into the arena, full of the power of the Holy Ghost and ready to heal.

The first healing service unfolded with moments of fervent intercession, rapturous worship, prayers of thanksgiving, and faith-filled affirmations that have ushered the attendees to greater dimensions of fellowship with the Spirit of God. It was a place of miracles where hopeless situations were turned around and destinies were altered forever. The atmosphere in the auditorium was reverent as all in attendance – students, partners, visiting ministers and other invited guests – lifted their voices in song, worshiping the Most High God. It was a most uplifting time as the people prepared their hearts to receive all that the Lord has ordained for them.

Rapturous worship during the service.

Irrespective of their health conditions and where they came from, irrespective of age or gender, all shared one thing – unwavering faith in God’s Word and a deep conviction that their bodies will be healed and their lives transformed in the Name of Jesus.

It was a most auspicious healing service, with one inspiring moment after another. Attendees had the inimitable opportunity to hear the amazing testimonies of several who were healed at previous sessions of the Healing School. These were testimonies of faith and triumph over dire conditions and circumstances.

Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Emily Carpenter suffered debilitating pain for more than 7 years. The condition damaged her left wrist, resulted in inflammation on her right elbow, and made her joints stiff. Despite medications and treatments over the years, the condition persisted, causing great pain and sorrow to Emily. Help came with news about the Healing School, where the man of God ministered to her; Emily received healing and has since returned to her job, and can now go to the gym and do all the things she couldn’t do before.

Emily Carpenter, testifies of her divine healing at a previous Healing School Session.

Free from depression, 36-year-old Nadia Toco talked about how she suffered spiritual attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder before she came to the Healing School. These conditions led to abnormal behaviors, such as vicious mood swings, suicidal impulses, vivid hallucinations and much more. When she met the man of God, Pastor Chris, at the Healing School, a new phase began in her life, replete with testimonies of peace, prosperity, and increase.

Nadia Toco, tells the story of her deliverance from depression, at a previous Healing School Session.

33-year-old Rony Korkis suffered from Erdheim-Chester disease, a rare blood disease that was accompanied by symptoms like fever, night sweats, fatigue, weakness, and weight loss. This was the condition in which Rony came to the Healing School. When the man of God ministered to him, he received his miracle. Now, Rony is completely healed and he testified to his clean bill of health.

Rony Korkis, testifies of his freedom from a chronic blood condition, at a previous Healing School Session.

For 52 long years, Fiona Macey’s life was one long struggle as she tried her best to cope with chronic kidney disease, a condition she had from birth. Daily experiences of headaches, nausea, weight problems, eating problems, poor memory, and lack of concentration marred her life. Hoping for a change, Fiona attended the Healing School for that one Word from God that would shine the light and quell the darkness. Now, all Fiona talks about is the new chapter of her life that is full of glory and radiant light. She is free at last!

Fiona Macey, testifies of her divine healing from a chronic kidney disease, at a previous Healing School Session.

Then came the moment all have waited for; loud cheers and shouts of joy heralded, the arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris, at the healing service. The man of God ministered to the sick; commanding infirmities to leave the bodies of those they had afflicted. There were miracles everywhere as cancers checked out and blood conditions were healed, burdens were lifted and debilitating ailments became history! Many expressed their profound joy with dancing and rejoicing, gleefully doing what they hitherto could not do. It was a new, glorious day for them!

The man of God, Pastor Chris enters the auditorium full of the Holy Ghost.

The celebrations continued as the man of God, Pastor Chris, led the congregation in victorious affirmations of divine health. He exhorted those who had just received their healing to maintain focus on the Word and to proclaim their miracles always. Then he made a call for those who would receive salvation and accept Jesus into their hearts.

A lady receives and celebrate her healing at the service.

Thereafter, the man of God specially thanked partners of the Healing School for the marvelous work that they do. He released special blessings on all present, divine utterances of favor and special promotions.

A man gets off his wheelchair completely healed.

Indeed, the first healing service of the 2019 Healing School Session was divinely orchestrated for signs and wonders, and the testimonies will continue to reverberate the Good News of God’s healing power in the earth. Glory to God!

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Thank You PastorChris
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Hallelujah ! Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever !
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Pastor Athoja F Akalamudo 6 months
Awesome testimonies of the Glory of God is made manifest through the man of God Pastor Chris, thank you Lord Jesus.
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ESTHER EKAH 6 months
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ESTHER EKAH 6 months