Get Summer Ready with Routines that Strengthen Muscles and Burn Fat

No excuses this week as Naphtali brings a workout routine that can be done anywhere.

This week's episode of 'Transform by Naphtali' is shot outside of the Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York, to show that there is no gym requirement for achieving your workout goals.

The routine starts out with very important stretches for your glutes, lower back and hamstrings. These stretches are vital, not for athletes only, but especially for those who work in corporate environments, sitting most of the day, or anyone with a sedentary lifestyle. The stretches will loosen up those areas so you can be more flexible and active.

The workout plan for this week also incorporates a cardiovascular exercise called high knees, which will warm up the entire body. Still emphasizing correct form in your workout, Naphtali shows an advanced push-up exercise that focuses on triceps, chest and core.

For the legs, a step-up down into a lunge is demonstrated, hitting the quads, hamstrings and gluten. The core, which is the foundation of the body, also gets its fair share of attention with 2 exercises that will strengthen your mid-section and keep you strong. 

It's summer time, so get ready for some advanced moves in the featured video, to help you achieve your goals even faster. Remember to post your comments below, especially once you conclude the workout routine. You can also ask your questions; make sure you return frequently to see the answers from your favorite trainer, Naphtali.

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Onyeoma about 1 year
God bless your muscles Bros.
Good job
Evangelist Osinakachukwu Wisdom Okoro about 1 year
Father, You Are Awesome God. I Thank You For Loving Me So Dearly.
144588316355 tempavatar1135343200
Leonora Masiiwa about 1 year
Excellent workouts.
Amadike john about 1 year
Naderge Zacharie about 1 year
Naderge Zacharie about 1 year
wowow!!! they keep getting more glorious!! lve seen tremendous results with your exercises! thank you sooo much great man of god!
Yomi Baiye about 1 year
Thank you so much. no excuse whatsoever not to exercise. God bless you.
Olusola Samuel Ajayi about 1 year
Excellent workout narration. God bless you Bro Naph.
Princewill Ohaekwe about 1 year
thank you brother Napthali i love you!
146861686410 tempavatar853136030
Randolph Okabie about 1 year
thank you Pastor Sir, for the word of God I teacher us,#cephzone2.
149775843769 tempavatar 1888187576
Sharon Raganya about 1 year
Thank you so much, Bro. Naphtali. This is what I need right now. God bless you.