GlamTidings — Announce Your Royal Lineage in Regal Blue this ICLC 2017

Stand out like the daughter of a king in elegantly embellished royal blue.

"You look like royalty," she said. I turned back, smiled and said "you couldn’t have said it any better!" If there has never been an outfit that comes close to announcing my status, this is it, in regal blue!

Where do I begin? The midi length that screams elegance and poise? The details that run along the length, giving all the personality one embellishment at a time? Or the regal blue, which for us, as a nation, speaks volumes?

With ICLC looming in and IPPC in the not too distant future, what to wear for our most pristine sessions just got easier. I paired this look with gold strappy sandals, minimal accessories and an envelope purse. 

Would you style this differently? Let us know in the comments below!

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Clinton Mabilo over 1 year
oh and the earrings will be Sapphire coloured
Clinton Mabilo over 1 year
heavier make up with scarlet 💄, the accessories would shine line the stars I.e bling bling, there that's what I might do differently and the hair would definitely be black and the style would be the hair our esteemed CEO had last year at the ICLC
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Lucretia Marinda over 1 year
Lovely look.