Global Watch — Asia in Focus— at GDOP with Pastor Chris

Special report on the impactof prayers in Asia featured at September ‘Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris’.

This is Global Watch with the spotlight on Asia, the continent with the two most populous countries in the world (China and India). It is largely believed that the novel Coronavirus that ravaged the world in recent times, originated from Wuhan City, China in December 2019. Historically, China is notable for her intolerance to Christianity and the open persecution of Christians. 

With the organisation of the Global Day of Prayer which premiered on March 27th, 2020 and several other prayer programs including the year-long pray-a-thon, the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has continued to lead the saints of God around the world, to intercede for Christians persecuted in various nations of the world. Ceaseless prayers are being offered for nations, government authorities and for God's will to prevail in the earth. In this global watch update, we bring you reports on the impact of these prayers in Asia and the need to continue in fervent prayers.

The Chinese government has eased restrictions in the country. Business activities and lifestyle have largely returned to normal. Earlier in the month of March at the Global Communion Service, Pastor Chris commanded the death of the Coronavirus from its root while leading in prayers against the COVID-19 pandemic. By mid March, Wuhan which was the epicenter of the virus, recorded no new local case of infection just in accordance with the declaration of the man of God, Pastor Chris.

Due to Pastor Chris' teachings and the prayers of the saints, Christians in persecution-prone regions, have become bolder. Church leaders and believers, including influential members of the official “patriotic” associations in China are standing up to resist the repression of the Church. Christians have published joint letters, boycotted ceremonies, worshipped outdoors, asserted their legal rights, and physically blocked demolitions or cross removals. Schools have also opened and over 200 million students are back to school in China.

In India, places of worship have been opened for congregational meetings. Businesses continued to reopen in the country despite reports on a spike in Corona virus cases as authorities refused to jeopardize the nation's economy for the fiasco. "The lockdown is simply unaffordable" was the conclusion reached by the authorities.

There is need to continue in prayers for the Church of Jesus Christ in Asia. Ceaseless prayers should be made for the leaders and for government policies that will favor God's righteous course and the spread of the Gospel to be enacted. Hence the call for the Global Day of Prayer by Pastor Chris. When we pray, we effect changes as miracles are bound to happen.

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