GYLF & Campus Ministry Youth Leaders Host Career Day at Morgan State University

Campus Ministry & GYLF members recruit College alumni for professional development event.

Hundreds of students in two freshman orientation classes at Morgan State University had the privilege of asking alumni of the institution career-related questions of their choice in a 'Career Day' event hosted by members of the BLW Campus Ministry and Global Youth Leaders' Forum.

Brother Deji moderates an ask-me-anything panel discussion with alumni.

The event, which was initially intended to address 100 to 120 students in its pioneering edition, ended up reaching about 250 students when faculty members offered up their class period to the GYLF Regional Leader and Campus Ministry Maryland Coordinator, Brother Deji Olubusi. Students from different backgrounds, particularly engineering, had the opportunity to not only listen to a moderated question and answer session but also interact with the speakers.

Alumni of Morgan State University speaking to students about career advancement.

Brother Deji and members of the GYLF and Campus Ministry persuaded 7 alumni of Morgan State University to take a half day off their jobs in order to avail students knowledge from their wealth of experience at IBM, Accenture, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Honda, General Electric, the Mayor's Office, TEDCO and other organizations. 

University faculty member expresses appreciation for the 'Career Day' event.

The 2-hour event presented a unique opportunity to seed the University and the future of America with professional development tools. Through the influence gained by reason of this event, more opportunities have been presented for the expansion of the Gospel at the institution.

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IRIS AKANJI 10 months
glory to God
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Amadike John 10 months
Francis Kadjie 10 months
Awesome Bro Deji. so inspiring#ewcavz4
Adaji 10 months
awesome! from 250 to 1000. amen
Xavier Tambiavula 10 months
Oh Glory! Truly amazing initiative #ceangolazone2
Adaobi Ereku 10 months
wow, truly awesome initiative! #cewarrizone
olanrewaju oyetunji 10 months
A harvest of blessing on our giving
Pastor Elijah Agyapong 10 months
This is awesome!
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A Olubusi 10 months
Thank you Pastor sir for the opportunity to flourish limitlessly!
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Charlette Velez 10 months
Awesome, way to go BLWCM Morgan State University! You are spreading the gospel far and wide. God bless you! & You will do more
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Ethel Degui 10 months
glory to God