GYLF Kicks Off Strategy to Raise Agents of Positive Change in El Salvador

Youths in El Salvador are introduced to the GYLF in an effort to invest in the nation's future.

Driven by a passion to impact youths with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum team for the Central America region launched a special introduction to the GYLF in El Salvador.

Engaging students in one of the classrooms visited by GYLF representatives.

This program was a timely intervention, given the high rates of crime and violence among the youth in El Salvador. The GYLF agenda for the country includes setting up a rehabilitation program for school dropouts and delinquents. Plans are already underway to carry out school visitations, during which the GYLF teams will set up and run programs that are geared towards raising leaders who will become agents of positive change and development in their societies and in the country at large.

A GYLF ambassador shares the vision of the program with students.

This is the set time for the next generation of leaders and pioneers in El Salvador to have their minds renewed and their lives transformed by the Word of God. The Word will continue to grow, till it prevails in the nation.

GYLF representative with students.

To join the GYLF, or for information on how to participate, visit

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wow. glory to God
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pst Ebens 10 months
beautiful, The word is growing great and great everyday.
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#cesazone4 Amen
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Excellent results
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Well done. Praise God!
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