H.I.R.O. — ‘Now or Never’ Success Seminar Prepares Teens for a Glorious Future

BLW Teens Ministry Uyo imparted by businessmen, professionals and ministers with fire for the future.

On Friday, April 6th, more than 40 young people converged for a time of inspiration for greater exploits at a 'Success Seminar' organized by the Honourables' Cell of BLW Teens Ministry Uyo. 

Section of attendees listening attentively to success principles.

The teenagers reached out to their peers in a bid to fuel their fire for the future. With the theme 'Now or Never', delegates were catapulted to a higher level of excellence and success. With keynote addresses from notable business personalities in the state, seasoned professionals and ministers of the gospel, apt and accurate information was dished out to the attendees in doses that were just enough. 

Leader of the Teens Ministry Uyo sharing words with the youths.

Also featured during the program was a 10-minute audio snippet of the message by the man of God, Pastor Chris, titled 'the Theory of Nations', which brought to light the essence of the outreach as a whole. At the end of the event, the delegates were refreshed and invigorated to take charge of their future now!

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