“HIV is Not the End!” — Healing School Ambassador Announces on World AIDS Day

Healing School ambassadors spread the news of God’s healing power at HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign.

Over the years, many have been healed of HIV and several other diseases and illnesses, hitherto termed incurable, by the power of God, at the Healing School. Their testimonies prove that God's love is infallible, and that, with Him, all things are possible.

Sister Bukelwa (lower-right) with recipients of the Healing School magazine.

Armed with the truth of God's Word, Healing School ambassadors set out on December 1st, which is World AIDS Day, to enlighten as many as they could with the good news of faith, hope and love. At the Khayelitsha Community Hall in Cape Town, South Africa, Ambassadors Bukelwa Mdleleni and Celiwe Nobaza attended a special HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign, where several were gathered to educate the community and remember those who have died as a result of this disease.

Healing School ambassador with beneficiaries of her outreach with Rhapsody of Realities.

In the course of the program, the ambassadors shared their spectacular testimonies of how their lives were transformed when they were healed of HIV through the ministry of the Holy Spirit at the Healing School. They encouraged people living with HIV/AIDS to trust in the power of God and have faith for a miracle. They also gave out free copies of the Healing School magazine and other materials to all attendees at the program.

Recipients of the Healing School magazine at the campaign.

You too can spread the Word of hope to the sick in your world. The 2018 Autumn Session will hold in March and April, and registration has already commenced. Go to www.enterthehealingschool.org/session/autumn for more information. 

Beneficiaries of the outreach reading through their copies of the Healing School magazine.

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Evelyn Fanti 12 months
#cesazone4 God is God of Miracles. He is the one who heales, because there is nothing that is too big for Him. He is God. Glory to his NAME.
Bukelwa Mdleleni 12 months
We live for Jesus.We proclaim His goodness and for His love and grace .Thank you Pastor Sir for giviing our lives a meaning .Love you so much Pastor Sir
Bukelwa Mdleleni 12 months
We live to proclaim God's goodness and for His love of Ggrace
collinsbesigye 12 months
blessed be God.
Victoria Mlobeli 12 months
God's love is enough for all of us. All things are possible to he who believe the Word of God. Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord!
Thulani Qwabe 12 months
Praise God!
Ebikaboere Yeri Tuaweri 12 months
Glory to God
Onyeoma 12 months
A man with a testimony can never be at the mercy of a man with an argument
nwakpu simonpeter 12 months
Thank you Lord Jesus for this mighty works wrought by the word. My changed because of you. I'm enjoying the Grace because of you.
146572789174 tempavatar2011463923
Elias Nwuzor 12 months
Someone is doing what you said it's impossible