Jesus Christ, the Love of God in Flesh — A Christmas Eve Service Excerpt

Pastor Chris teaches on the importance of Christmas through the revelation of Jesus as God’s love in flesh.

Christmas is often a time to reflect on the miraculous birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and subsequently, on the reason why He came. Last night, the BLW President, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, gave three revelations that crystallize the importance of the season to every believer.

One of the dimensions divulged by Pastor Chris was the revelation of Jesus as the love of God in flesh. "Who would show us God's love?" Pastor Chris asked as He shed light on 1 John 3:16 in the New International Version, which reads: "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us."

Be inspired by the compelling love of the Father as you watch the featured video, grounding your heart in its everlasting truth. Remember to like, share and post comments in the section below.

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Vimbai Mark 10 months
149069368602 tempavatar842329337
David Rivi Tina 10 months
wow am so inspired
john stuurman 10 months
wow thank you pastor for always giving us more and more of th word
sis adeola oluwanoiki 10 months
This is how we know what love is: Jesus laid down his life for us.1John 3:16. Wow!
Chrisma Asa 10 months
Thank You Pastor Sir, merry Christmas my dearest Pastor Sir.
Kelechi Ibeh 10 months
What a deep revelation! I now have better understanding.
Jojo Pade 10 months
Your comment... Merry Christmas Pastor Sir and to all the BLW members...
Jojo Pade 10 months
Merry Christmas Pastor Sir and to all the BLW members...
Jojo Pade 10 months
Merry Christmas Pastor Sir and to all BLW member..
147050398627 tempavatar 1874110709
Kingstone Donga 10 months
Now I know and have seen what love looks like. thank you sir
149889607802 tempavatar 529909785
Esther Enebebeh 10 months
Glory to God! Merry Christmas pastor Sir
144566258436 tempavatar1572370122
Chidinma Ozulumba 10 months
Merry Christmas Pastor Sir and a happy new year!
nwakpu simonpeter 10 months
amazing love
progress edward 10 months
this is awesome. I'm blessed. thank you Pastor Sir. I love you so so much Sir.
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Donald Museka 10 months
Glorious in holiness
Margy Maepa 10 months
I know that Jesus loved me for He laid down His life for me
148537369860 tempavatar2062853563
david eboh 10 months
I'm like Jesus, and i have His life in me
olanrewaju oyetunji 10 months
That's the same life I have; I'm like Jesus, I have His life; The Holy Spirit because I can do it! Stephen: Just like Jesus prayed "Father lay not this sin to their charge" I'm born again. I'm like that! Thank You The Man of God Sir, You looked lovely.
Kings Child 10 months
glorious word
mavis osei sarfo 10 months