Join Pastor Chris to Affirm Wisdom at Work in You Today [LPC Ghana Excerpt]

Declare “wise words come out of me; wisdom talks through me” and other faith proclamations. 

Still on the subject of God’s wisdom resident in us by Christ Jesus, Pastor Chris showed delegates at the Leaders’ & Partners’ Conference Ghana how to talk in consonance with God’s provision in the scriptures.

“Christ in you, wisdom has come! Don’t ask Him for wisdom anymore; He has become your wisdom,” the BLW President said. As you watch the featured video, declare with the man of God, “I have wisdom for all crisis of life. I have wisdom for every situation. Wherever I am, God is at work in me. Wise words will come out of me; wisdom will talk through me.”

More powerful faith proclamations of wisdom at work in you are contained in the excerpt above. Remember to share with friends and loved ones, and stay tuned for more exclusive excerpts, only on LoveWorld News.

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Joyce Ncube 9 months
l have wisdom for all crisis of life hallelujah
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Paul Raj.S 9 months
awesome Glory to God
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carine zoe 9 months
Christ in me The hope of Glory❤
Lorrietta Arthur 9 months
Awesome! i am wise
152178890913 tempavatar1535780334
NKIRU JOHN 9 months
Hallelujah! Chrisy in me the hope of Wisdom.l give vent to Wisdom and excellence. Thank You so much Pastor Sir for this powerful revelation. l love You Dad.
olanrewaju oyetunji 9 months
Yes Sir, I only give vent to Wisdom and Excellence! Thank You The Man of God Sir for these excerpts. Thank you highly Esteemed Pastor Biodun, Esteemed CE and BLW Ghana and Esteemed Loveworld news , also.
147024792298 tempavatar993722395
I have the wisdom of God working in me, Illuminating my mind, wisdom to lead, wisdom to build, wisdom to produce excellent results
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Vera Dizigbordi Abielekpor 9 months
glorrrrry to God
Ramesh 9 months
Christ is me the Divine Wisdom.
saint barbara 9 months
Thank you Jesus for the wisdom giving me. Hallelujah
Tonye Owupele 9 months
I am wise cos Christ is in me
Claudette Martina 9 months
I am wise witk Kingdom wisdom. Christ in me is wisdom. hallelujah
kubam margaret 9 months
glory to God
150271067043 tempavatar 656433942
Ukeh Nicholas 9 months
Glory Be To God Forever more. hallelujah! thank you Jesus. Christ has been made unto me wisdom! i'm wise with the wisdom of God.
Joyce Ncube 9 months
Praise God Christ in me the hope of glory Christ is my wisdom