Join the Global Effort to Place Rhapsody Bibles in 50,000 Hotels Rooms

Bring the comfort of the scriptures to millions in transit by making Rhapsody Bible available in every hotel room.

A minister of the Gospel in Lagos, Nigeria, shared the testimony of how he targeted hotels in his community that rendered brothel services. He distributed the Rhapsody Bible to one of such hotels, and in one sweep, five ladies received salvation and quit prostitution. The hotel manager also received salvation and discontinued the brothel services!

Partners visit a hotel with copies of the Rhapsody Bible.

The Rhapsody Bible 'Every Hotel Room A Bible' campaign is an evangelical work targeted at reaching people in transit with God's Word. A copy of the Rhapsody Bible placed in a hotel room has the propensity to bless several guests from various walks of life. Thus, with just one Bible, a fire can be kindled that will spread into different nations, cities and communities.

Placing a Rhapsody Bible in a hotel room.

In the past few years, partners with the Rhapsody Bible have made significant efforts to ensure that thousands of Bibles are distributed to hotels around the world. This great effort has led to several guests, and even hotel staffers, receiving the Gospel, with many giving their hearts to the Lord.

Targeting people in transit within the United Kingdom.

If blowdryers, clean towels and mini soaps are considered essential accessories in hotel rooms, because they provide convenience and comfort, then one item that's most indispensable in every hotel room is the Bible. The reason for this is simple: it delivers to guests the real comfort only God's Word provides.

Rhapsody Bible partners in the UK on a distribution exercise. 

This year 2018, the Rhapsody Bible department aims to place Bibles in 50,000 more hotel rooms around the world. You can join the effort by adopting a hotel in your city, making a difference in the lives of many. For more information on how to participate, email

Partners with copies of the Rhapsody Bible.

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