Kidnapped Child, Emmanuel, Recovered through Efficacious Speaking in Tongues

Evil plans of a kidnapper foiled as family speaks in tongues, bringing God’s power to bear.

The story of Emmanuel, a young boy who was rescued from kidnappers, testifies to the efficacy of God's Word and the power of tongues, encapsulated in the theme for September 2018, the Month of Auto-Edification by Glossolalia!

Emmanuel was snatched from his home and taken out of the city of Port Harcourt by the kidnapper who had been serving under the pretense of a gate warden. As the family came together and prayed in the spirit, Emmanuel's kidnapper began to experience a seizure in the bus journeying out of the city, which led to his evil plans being unraveled before those in the vicinity.

This testimony, which was shared during the live broadcast of the September Global Communion Service, clearly alludes to the power of speaking in tongues — Auto-Edification by Glossolalia. 

Watch the compelling story of prevailing faith in the featured video above, and remember to like, comment and share.

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blessing godwin okechuku 10 months
Amen!@Glory@yo.God!@Cheer up brethren .. the word works! I can hear Pst say UP! ALWAYS!#faithsproclamations
Patience Esi 10 months
glory! hallelujah!!
147024792298 tempavatar993722395
Glory to God, the word works
151587586536 tempavatar1860805647
Vona Jefia 10 months
The Word works. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
Ryan 10 months
the word works any time
153692859298 tempavatar1607849869
Princess Carol Triumph 10 months
God is faithful to His word
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Pastor Val Ibeachum 10 months
What his little twin sister did is so inspiring.
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'$eun Arik-$un$hine 10 months
Uduakobong Ekanim 10 months
Glooorrryyyy.......we can never be defeated...
146756553743 tempavatar 2107844770
Weyinmi Adebanjo 10 months
Thank you Jesus! Congratulations ma!
153580058710 tempavatar5972380173036759095
Lizzy Sarimiye 10 months
Glory to God
Rose Obiwali 10 months
Glory to God, ("The Word works ")
Joyce Ncube 10 months
praise God thank you Holy Spirit
Comfort Mantey 10 months
Glory! Glory!Glory to God!!
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Ifunanya C. Ani 10 months
What a testimony, Glory To God
Theophilus Dzingai 10 months
Glory glory glory!!
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Dcn Jonathan 10 months
Gloooorrrrryyyyy. Praise God!
152178890913 tempavatar1535780334
NKIRU JOHN 10 months
Glory to Jesus forever more. Thank You so much Pastor Sir For the Faith Proclamations. My life is being upgraded on a daily basis.Congratulations Emmanuel. The Work is Working as never before.
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Irene Mungate 10 months
awesome.Glory to God.He is faithful. Thanks to Pastor Chris for equipping us .
147954199584 tempavatar 1796345349
Margaret Ejeh 10 months
Thank you Jesus.